dest_panarea_main_lovethiscitytvWith everything that is happening around you, you must be stressed out of your mind. Wouldn’t you like to visit a place where you can experience parties, regattas, sailing and adventure? Then you should look into the Yacht Week event. In all honesty, the Yacht Week is a whole week of everything that was just listed earlier, and then some. This yacht week is planned to visit four divided destinations, yet you will only be able to choose one of the four amazing ones. Your four destinations to consider granting that you are willing to experience yacht week are Greece, Italy, Croatia, and the British Virgin Islands.

Why not set sail for Italy? You might be worried about not being knowledgeable with the equipment or how to sail, and that is all fine. There is an option in the event wherein you can have a professional skipper accompany you on your journey. You should take your friends with you, make sure to bring people that you would like to be around for the next seven days since you will be out and about with the same people for that long.

dest_portorosa_main_lovethiscitytvAll you have to do is gather your friends, choose a destination out of the four, then choose a yacht according to what will be able to comfortably accommodate all of you and your party. The larger the boat, the more the price will vary.

With all of your equipment and belongings in check, it is time to head to Sicily and begin your sailing through the coasts.

There is a sizeable volcanic ridge that involves the seven islands of Stromboli, Alicudi, Panarea, Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, and Filicudi. It lies sandwiched in the midst of two great wonders, namely Mt. Etna and Mass Vesuvius right above Naples. Because of their volcanic traits as a whole, they are granted a space on the list of Unisco’s World Heritage list of early 2000.

For boutiques and romance, and a lot of cozy character, you should experience Salina, the island where you are free to taste and explore what they have to offer. Lipari would be your next stop, the largest of the Aeolian Islands. If you make it to Stromboli while it is still early, you could possibly join the sail to the top of the top of the volcano. You can join the walk that begins at 5pm, and will end before midnight. It might take a while, but the trek is certainly more than worth it because it is at the top where you will witness one of the most beautiful views of the sunset. And how often can you say that you once watched the sunset while standing at the top of a volcano?

dest_stromboli_main_lovethiscitytvNow, if you are looking for a party, then you should set sail for Panarea. It is an island where many of the travelers in their 20’s and 30’s go to spend the rest of their time and drink and enjoy themselves. Since the island has no harbor, you will have to drop anchor and work to reach the shore. Lisca Bianca is a place that you should visit and swim in before heading out, as well. This is a place known to throw some of the best boat parties that you are more than welcome to partake in.

The marina of Portorosa would be the perfect place to end this beautiful journey through the Italian waters. Make sure to enjoy yourself at the goodbye party and do not forget to take pictures of everything!


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