dest_anegada_main_lovethiscitytvIf you are looking to experience a summer filled with parties, regattas, sailing and adventure, then you should look into the Yacht Week event. Simply put, the Yacht Week is an entire week of all of the things just mentioned above, scheduled to visit four separate destinations that will be of your choice. There are four destinations to consider if you wish to experience yacht week; Greece, Italy, Croatia, and the British Virgin Islands.

Each location allows you to go through the different segregated islands within the places with ease since travel will be by boat and you will basically be charted through one island after another.

The reason why you should participate in such an activity is because not only will you be travelling, there is no way that you will not find this relaxing. Especially if you decide to take your friends with you for the entire trip. And if you choose to explore the beautiful islands and waters of the British Virgin Islands, you will be scoping a view incomparable to any other. Bookings for the British Virgin Islands are reserved for 2014.

It will begin around the new year, unfolding easily into the following months of dest_jost_main_lovethiscitytv2014. Get ready to experience the Carribean islands in a way that you never have before. The beginning of the sailing will be set at Tortola. As you arrive at the airport, make sure to collect all of your belongings before proceeding to travel to the marina via taxi cab. You will have to make it there before six in the evening since that is when the yachts will be available for usage. You will want to be ready with the papers and whatever else you will have to present in order to rent the yacht. And it is also better to show up early simply just so that you could take a look around the shopping areas and restaurants in the vicinity.

From there you can sail to the Peter Islands, which is Southwest of Virginia Gorda. This island is prime when it comes to water activities such as snorkeling or just being able to swim in the most amazing waters this side of the world. After that, you can feel free to enjoy the night life that the islands have to offer. There are also many luxury spas that you may visit while you are exploring the island.

dest_peter_main_lovethiscitytvNow, after all of that relaxing, you should be ready to party it up in the top three bars known in the Jost Van Dyke and White Bay. This is a beach with white sand all around, and in that place you will find the Soggy Dollar Bar, Ivan’s stress free bar, and Gertrude’s. This is a collection of lovely, cozy bars along the beach where you can grab a drink and mingle with other travelers.

For a lovely dinner and maybe a bit of bars, you should sail on to Marina Cay. Pusser’s Restaurant is known to sell some of the best rum on the island. Walk up to the hilltop and discover the best view from that height.

A part of this island tour is Anegada, one of New York Time’s best beaches in the Carribean. You will be greeted by barbecue parties and lobster meals, a great way to spend the day in a beach known to be one of the best in the area.


Virgin Gorda and Norman Island

will be your last two stops, where you will experience some of the best bonding and snorkeling times of your life. Everything in these islands has something unique and worth exploring. All you have to do is make sure to tell all your friends, check out the website for tour dates, and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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