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Well, it’s the first week of November and you know what that means. The Halloween candy is gone, Christmas music is playing in the shopping malls, and the next generations of video game consoles are about to be released just in time for the holidays.

That’s right; Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are both slated to be released in the next couple of weeks. The question is however, which one is the best? Well, that is a tough call. Both offer a totally new system that is more powerful than anything they have done before. Both systems will perform at a much higher level, and both are guaranteed to awe any gamer who plays on them. Sadly, neither system will be compatible with older games or controllers leaving the users to either keep their old systems, or let go of the past and move to the future.

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By looking at the systems individually though, people might be able to make their choice though. Xbox One has created a brand new gaming system with a focus on making previous selling features better and more user friendly. When Kinect was originally released for Xbox 360, the user needed to have great lighting, the sensor could not pick up voices or multiple players without a great deal of difficulty. Now however, the Kinect sensor has all those capabilities and more. The Xbox One will have a suggested selling price of $499 and will include the console, one controller, Kinect sensor bar and an HDMI cable. Games will sell between $45-$60 approximately. To gain access to Xbox Live, the ability to play online as well as stream movies, use Skype, and gain access to other Xbox exclusive content the membership will be $39.99/month.

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The PlayStation 4 will also be releasing a completely new system. Once again Sony has focused on what was needed to be made better and did their best to make it so. The PS4’s system is slightly better than the Xbox. With that mild different, the hardcore gamer should see smoother transitions, and better motion of characters within the games. A major selling point for most parents will be the price. PlayStation 4 has a listed price of $399. Game costs and online services will be the same as Xbox but on day one release, PlayStation will be providing a very extensive online catalogue of digital game downloads. The PS4 will also offer their own version of Kinect called the PlayStation Eye. However, the original version was full of glitches and with the PlayStation Eye being sold separately, gamers are not expecting it to be much better. One major thing that Sony will have going for them with this release is the fact that the PS4 comes out a week before the Xbox One. With that being the case, it means that all game titles that will be available for both systems will therefore be released for PlayStation 4 first.

Overall it does appear that Xbox One is going to win the video game wars this holiday season. While their online catalogue isn’t as extensive, their exclusive releases and the multiple release titles for day one are sure to satisfy any gamer. Once these systems are on the market, be prepared to lose the gamer in your family for the immediate future.

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Happy Gaming!

By: Michael Chantler
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