Winter is here and that means vacation TIME! Party hot spots places are also starting to spread. Everyone is busy heading on their own destinations to have a break. If you still haven’t decided where you will spend your spring break, relax, hit the beach then you must read this.



Panama City, Florida

This is the city where the “Bradgelina” couple found their 14th adopted child. This city has been a popular destination for students during spring break. A wave of students will fill the beaches during parties at night and even non stop in the day. After spring break, the aftermath is clear “LOL”




Negril, Jamaica

Let’s go to the country where the “Buffalo Soldier” was born. Jamaica is also well known for beaches. Aside from the beach students also enjoy smoking a joint (which is legal in the country). The party is surely filled with wild students. Media tried to scare away potential students with news of violence but nothing can stop these kids from partying.




Whistler, Canada

Why go far when you can enjoy a great spring break here in Canada. During mid-April the largest snowboard event is being held near the Whistlear/Blackbomb boundary. The TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival is not just all competition but an avenue for great party drinks.






If you will visit Bahamas then be prepared to be welcomed by white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and non-stop entertainment.






Las Vegas, USA

“Hey, Las Vegas is not tropical.” Yes you’re right but still this is a popular place where students spend their spring break. Party till you drop at the MGM Grand.





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