Who Are The Pizza Underground?

With all the recent buzz regarding Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling’s shirt battle, Culkin’s name has been resurfacing in the media lately, which has been a big promotional win for his band, The Pizza Underground. The American comedy band, based out of New York City, formed in 2012 and makes parody tributes of The Velvet Underground songs. By replacing song titles and lyrics with “pizza” and pizza-themed vocabulary, The Pizza Underground has become an instant hit among underground indie groups who are inclined to associate with their humour and puns.


Having only released their first music video this January, The Pizza Underground is already playing large events and festivals, such as the upcoming NXNE festival here in Toronto. The group’s demo was recorded last November in Culkin’s house. Culkin does vocals and plays the Kazoo and percussion for the band. The Pizza Underground itself comes with many quirks, one of them being the use of a pizza box that is used as a percussion instrument by band member, Deenah Vollmer, during shows. Additionally, the band is notorious for handing out large pizza slices at shows for audience members to share.


Despite some commercial success thus far, there have been many critics and music listeners who have gone to social media, such as Twitter, to proclaim their negative thoughts on the band. Many don’t believe the group makes genuine music, and ironically, deems this parody band—a joke. There have been recent incidents of harassment of the band during shows and one particular one where Culkin and band members have walked off stage after beer and beer bottles were repeatedly being thrown on stage.

Although The Pizza Underground may not be your slice of pizza (I tried), they’re definitely interesting enough to garner the attention it has, and deserves a listen, even if it’s just for curiosity’s sake. Share your opinions on the band with us through Twitter. Do you think they’re misrepresenting Lou Reed, or propelling his legend? Let us know!