Summer officially ends in September—ignore that cool breeze, it’s just passing (for now). Festival season must go on, so let’s go on about our week in the city we love.

Jazz it up from day one of the week at one of Toronto’s top jazz bars. With 19 shows per week, The Rex on Queen Street is where jazz lives. Jake Koffman Group makes a stop on Monday.

If jazz is not to your taste, you might want to make Monday night bowling night, well, at least this Monday. There are many options around the city, but if you and your “peeps” often have trouble deciding – we recommend Playtime Bowl for your cosmic bowling experience.

Something is fishy about Tuesday. The 18th Annual Great Ontario Salmon Derby is in its last week. The Canadian waters of Lake Ontario is where it’s at and participants from Canada and a number of U.S. States (Arizona, Florida, Michigan etc) take part in North America’s largest freshwater fishing derby.

Don’t forget to pay half price to see a full cast of action heroes in The Expendables 3. Seriously though, Rambo dude (Stallone) and Terminator guy (Schwarzenegger) and Blade guy (Snipes) and Braveheart man (Gibson) and Fugitive dude (Ford) and The Transporter (Statham) and Zorro (Banderas) and Everybody Hates Chris’s dad (Crews) and the Romeo Must Die hero (Li) and dude who could climb anything in 5 seconds or less in Rush Hour and all his movies (we love you Jackie Chan) – oh, even Frasier (Grammer) is in it. That’s not the end of the list, but we didn’t want to “ex-pend” it too much. Go see it.

Wednesday, four words: Hedley. The band will be playing at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

Are you ready for the largest Epilepsy event in the world and North America’s largest Street Performer Festival? Thursday brings something spontaneous, colourful and bursting with the unexpected! You got it, it’s the BuskerFest! Come watch some silent comedy, slapstick, daredevils, magicians, high skill circus acts etc etc etc etc on Yonge Street from Queen to College and throughout the neighbourhood including Yonge-Dundas Square, Trinity Square Park and Gould Street on the Ryerson Campus.

Ever played a video game and wanted to get into the screen to play live or how about being a part of a “real-life” board game? Picture this, 2 teams, clues and 45 minutes and you’re all “locked up” in a library, bio-lab or prison At Escape. Clues lead to puzzles which lead to challenges which should eventually lead you out-escape. Free yourself and your team and gear up for the weekend.

Okay, here’s one for all the “Speedy Gonzales” out there. “Schumacher” your way around the track in a Mustang GT, Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Gallardo at Circuit Icar on Friday. Then go celebrate with a night out at Gravity Sound Bar in the entertainment district. Get yourself a booth and settle in for Radio Active Fridays!

The Tommy Thompson Park Butterfly Festival is calling all nature lovers at the foot of Leslie Street at Unwin on Saturday.View moths and butterflies amongst the colourful wildflowers in the park or just go meet lovers of pretty creatures.

Downsview Park will be thumping with all things blazing at the Rastafest. Learn about the rich and diverse Rastafari culture including the lifestyle and history. There will be drumming, arts and crafts, food and a live concert featuring international reggae artists. Ja mon!

Sunday is the last day of The Festival of South Asia. Gerrard Street in Little India will be closed down (from Coxwell to Greenwood) for this musical festival which gives you a peek into Bollywood and of course, food! Attracting over 250,000 visitors, it is the one of the biggest South Asian festivals in the city.

Conclude the week and swing by the Don Valley Golf Course for 18 holes of serenity and breathtaking scenery.

Enjoy! See you next week!