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Question, how tough are you? Tough enough to climb over an angled 8 foot wall, pull a tire 5 times your weight across the ground, crawl through heavy mesh and still be able to run through that finish line? Then Tough Mudder obstacle course has your name on it. On September 28th and 29th Mudders will be put to the test to see who is a true warrior. Travelling all the way up to Mount St. Louis Moonstone Ski Resort, it is definitely a good spot to stretch out 10-12 miles worth of hard work to show the other contestants what you’re made of. Obviously this is something that’s not to be messed around with, the obstacles they will put you through will test both physical and mental strength and not for the weak of heart and mind.


toughmudder.lovethiscitytv (photo cred:

Still think you got what it takes? How about your face 6 inches barely above water in a cage and you have to pull yourself across. Or climbing across a wall with only using just your finger tips and toes, and then gradually having only to rely on your upper strength to pull you across and finish the course off. Last but not least, you can either choose to somehow sneak across the field of live wires or plummet through it all and get it over with, the very last course all Mudders have to deal with is what they call “Electroshock Therapy.” It’s literally wires hanging from above, and some carry volts up to 10,000. I know, shocker isn’t it? You have to dodge hay bales and be cautious about deep mud, but at the end of that finish line you get a damn good hard earned beer, and feel on top of the world about what you just went through.

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By: Jenny Liang

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