TOP  10 Best Restaurant In Toronto

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Do you have any idea where to dine along Toronto, Canada? Do you want to have a tour on Toronto’s Top 10 Restaurants? Let’s take a delicious tour.



SHŌTŌ is considered as “TheMomofufu’s Crown Jewel of Toronto”. This restaurant has 22 seats. It is an online-only reservations. It has a stainless kitchen where in it was designed by Mark Stech-Novac. The theme of SHŌTŌ was derived from New York. This restaurant is located at the 3Rd Floor sharing with Daisho.



The chef, at the same time, the co-owner of Edulis, Michael Caballo, chose the theme for Edulis as being engaged in eating what he referred to as wild foods, which includes mushrooms, which he learned from his Spanish heritage. The ambiance of Edulis is warm. It is very appealing for people also because of its festive mood.



Daisho shares place with Shoto. It is the home for big meals. Unlike Shoto, Daisho has 80 seating capacity. It is also an elegant restaurant build with glass. Their menu is for four to ten persons and also they have their Ala carte or solo servings. Also, though Daisho accepts walk ins, they prefer reservations especially for dinner.

Hopgood’s Foodliner


Hopgood’s Foodliner focuses on the interest of children. They had specialized their menu for children. The chef uses modern gadgets to make food more appetizing and delicious. Hopgood’s Foodliner is open for reservations at least two weeks before.


FARMHOUSE TAVERN_lovethiscitytv

Its theme is a little bit rock and a little bit of country. It is from the adorable influences of rural farms. They showcase hospitability. Farmhouse Tavern can have accommodate reservations, walk ins are welcome, they also accept catering services, they also do have outdoor seats.


THE GROVE_lovethiscitytv

The Grove restaurant is one of the best when it comes to food and service. Inside the restaurant is warm and intimate in ambiance. The food fits for every taste bud that people have. The crew works with passion and commitment of doing the best.



Jabistro often cooks food that is no ordinary. They make each cuisine extraordinary. This restaurant is suited for the cozy crowd of Canada. They will enjoy its ambience. The ingredients they use are cooked in a special and unique way.



Kingyo restaurant offers Japanese cuisines. Its seating capacity is 120. It has a traditional Japanese design which cools the ambiance and refreshes the sight of the customers. They accept walk in customers and for reservations.



Patria Restaurant caters more on Spanish cuisines. They offer Spanish wines and other special Spanish delicacies. All cuisines are made for sharing also. They have appetizers which set the mood of the customers. The food is served with the purpose of learning Spanish traditions through the taste.



Ursa restaurant serves food thinking about its healthy purpose. Jacob and Lucas Sharkey Pearce owns the place. They bring a new look for raw foods especially for pro athletes and dieticians. They offer brand new tastes of food.


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