Usually we go to restaurants for our favourite menu items or because it was selected by a friend or a date.  However, there’s more to a restaurant than its cuisine.  It’s the atmosphere.  The scents, music and people.  The inviting feeling you get when you’ve arrived.  Make your next restaurant outing be one where all your senses – especially your visual senses – can revel in delight.  Here are some restaurants in our city with awesome décor:



1)   Blowfish – Blowfish has always prided itself on pairing the restaurant’s stellar design of futuristic appeal and modernity against the Bay Adelaide’s historical building.  However, be advised that Blowfish is currently under construction and we can’t wait to see how wonderful it will look once it is complete. I’m sure it

2)   Barchef – Voted as one of the top 100 bars in the world, this first-come-first-serve no-reservation restaurant boasts the “simple pleasures” in life.  Every little detail is key from their exquisite soup spoon designs, right up to the ethereal chandelier light fixtures and gothic-style mirror frames, making this space one of royalty.

3)   Ciao Wine Bar – The brick wall fixtures complete with imbedded wine racks and dim lighting for a romantic ambience make you feel like you’ve gone across the pond to a restaurant in the non-touristy, super-romanticized, heart of Rome.  Bring a date!

4)   Portico – Upon entering, immediately your gaze is fixated on the eye-catching monochromatic, flower print chairs and the embossed asymmetrical patterns on the wall.  In the summer time, be sure to check out the restaurant’s enclosed patio.

5)   Sopra Lounge – Both your eyes and ears are delighted as you are instantly greeted with live entertainment from a pianist on a shiny grand piano.  The soft lighting glistens against the pearl and crystal chandeliers hung sparingly on every wall.

6)   Vertical Restaurant & Bar – If it’s not enough that this restaurant is located in Canada’s tallest building, First Canadian Place, then perhaps it would also entice you that the restaurant’s patio overlooks the peaceful FCP waterfall along the parkette.

7)   Marlowe’s – This atmosphere is all about the young professional’s party scene but without all the young clubbers.  After you have your delicious meal, head on over to the glittery dance floor where a live DJ plays party tunes.  Of course, if the dance floor with glowing lights doesn’t warm you up, the centrally-located brick fireplace makes for a great décor piece.

8)   Scaramuche – Now if you’re all about impressing a date one night, you’re best to visit this restaurant.  Almost entirely encased in glass, this restaurant is known for what you get to see outside – the beautiful city lights of Toronto’s neighboring buildings and landscapes.

9)   Benihana – If you’re looking to be entertained solely by food, look no further.  The chefs cook your meal right before your eyes!  And when you’re super hungry, you will definitely appreciate your food more when it is theatrically cooked and presented to you.

10)                  Our Thai – Made to look like a traditional Thai restaurant complete with bamboo Buddha cut outs along the walls and statues placed in every corner, this restaurant not only serves what I believe to be the best Thai food ever, but you will feel like you’ve stepped right into Thailand.


Written By: Melissa Teodoro