1. Paris Hilton: The perennial partier, she has made a business around partying. She is an internationally known name getting paid to attend clubs and events from the US to Australia. There is no major event that this girl isn’t at, and even if she wasn’t invited she is guaranteed to be at the pre or post parties






2. Lindsay Lohan: Another one that has stayed on the list for the past several years, with not more acting work in the pipeline, Lindsay has really stayed in the public eye for her personal life (including her lesbian relationship with club DJ Samantha Ronson) and her partying. But now after countless stays in rehab and relapses, she has now vowed to stay on the straight and narrow path, gosh only knows for how long.
















3. The Kardashians: With two E! Reality TV shows, youngest sister Khloe making her own wedding a two hour reality TV extravaganza, and Kourtney making her out of web lock pregnancy front page by giving interviews to the tabloids, the Kardashians were America’s 2009 reality stars we love to hate. These girls love to party so much, even sister Kourtney’s baby shower was said to be a more lavish affair than Khloe’s E! Wedding to a 33 million dollar basketball player.


4. Rihanna: With selling millions of albums and having herself being known as a household name at age 24, Rihanna literally is living the life. Currently in the last two and a half years her party lifestyle has taken a front seat in the media with countless dismissed rumours of rehab, health and exhaustion isssues. And to add it does not help that some think that she’s spinning out of control turning to her partying life style to sooth the highly, profiled publicized and media attacked relationship she had with singer Chris Brown for two years.




5. Katy Perry: This party girl has a lot in common with our number 4 celebrity bestie Rihanna, with being in the public eye constantly. The singer who constantly changes her hair colour and wardrobe more than we change cars, sadly went through a wringer divorce with British comedian Russell Brand. She’s newly single ready to mingle and clearly a firecracker that isn’t ready to slow down anytime soon with partying till wee hours in the morning.


6. Snooki: This “Jersey Shore” castmate is known for her drinking and partying ways that has been quoted saying to press she will never regret her partying ways. But now that she is with child, Snooki now as an expectant mother has claimed to turn over a new leaf with a wedding around the corner. Congrats, Snooki, guess it’s safe to say life did really throw her a spermball.


7. Charlie Sheen: How could the people here at Love this City have this list and not include the originator of the “winning” and “tiger blood” catchphrase phenomenon? Call him whatever you want but no one parties harder and even boozes harder than our number 7 candidate as of late, Mr. Sheen himself. With sheer admission of his addiction to only winning, Charlie doesn’t really have a care in the world and frankly we can’t blame him. His partying and wild lifestyle may be out of control, but it can’t be denied that whatever he’s on he’s always planning something up his sleeve.


8. Diddy: He’s a household name, a top hip-hop mogul that throw the best invite only parties including his annual ever so close Labour Day “White Party” and “Party in the Hamptons” just to name a few. Clearly, Diddy has parties that most of us would never be caught dead having the chance to get or if we knew someone who knew someone right? Mainly the themes of his parties are just living the rock star life and with Diddy (always arriving fashionably late) he does the greatest job of reassuring us every time that his social life is always better than us normal people.



9. Jay-Z: Similarly, as our number eight mogul Jay-Z among Diddy throws pretty lavish parties in style. With being a part owner of club 40/40, a chain of sports bars and lounges there isn’t really anything Jay-Z can do without turning into success. Although he isn’t in sight for in tabloid rags for spiraling out of control with booze or drugs, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to party with his bombshell wife Beyonce and friends; he just does it elegantly with class and sophistication.


10. Lady Gaga: The NYC club girl made it big in 2009, also performing and appearing at all types of events from museum gala’s to the MTV VMA’s. Much like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga was another artist America couldn’t get enough of this year


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