3tiff1_lovethiscitytvCelebrating the arts in the medium of film is what The Toronto Film Festival is all about. It is during this time that artists gather to showcase their work and find their voice in the sea of people. The tickets come a bit steep, but of course this experience will all be well worth it with the right kind of research before seeing any of the movies. The Toronto Film Festival is a celebration for movie lovers, for anyone who cares about what movies represent and what they have accomplished in the time since they have existed. Movies are a part of the majority of the culture, and it is only fair to showcase them, especially when they are being placed on festivals.

In the past few years of The Toronto Film Festival’s existence, stars have gathered, the filmmakers have made their marks; and like every other festival, the whole venue turned into a boiling pot of creative minds working at separate paces with one achievable goal. Actors come and participate, donned in their finest couture for the red carpet gala. This is the portion of the festival were in actors speak about what they are wearing or who they are wearing, for the purpose of promoting that clothing line, or just showing respect. It is really easy to get star struck at events such as this one, so it helps to just keep your cool and focus on what is important– the movies. The international press is also wondering about the facility, surveying The Toronto Film Festival and the movies being played. This is what makes The Toronto Film Festival the second largest to ever exist in the world, the leading one of course would be the Cannes film festival.2tiff1_lovethiscitytv

The movies showing for The Toronto Film Festival are mostly unknown, and if they ever come out in theaters it is most probably going to be a limited release. These are movies that were crafted to perfection by some of the new and old filmmakers in the industry without the intention of blockbuster success. The reason these movies were created was for the sake of validating an emotion that lives within everyone.

Once claim about The Toronto Film Festival that could be considered a criticism is that the event is getting bigger or more well known. The downfall of this claim lies within the group of people who have been supporting The Toronto Film Festival since it first began, when no one would fall in line for a ticket.

These are movies about art, and it is highly suggested that if you ever acquire to opportunity to attend, you should catch one of the movies and really watch it like you would appreciate a fine glass of wine. This is definitely an experience that you would not want to miss out on. If you already enjoy watching movies, then you should watch one of the greats that The Toronto Film Festival has to offer and enjoy yourself while in the process of doing something you know you already enjoy, that way it won’t seem like a task at all!


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