So you want to get fit just in time for summer?  It goes without saying that going to the gym regularly helps with keeping fit, stabilizing your weight and of course, looking good.  But keeping fit and healthy also begins in the kitchen.  That means, eating right and putting the best nutrients into your body.  I’ve compiled a list of the top five best foods to put in your body that is proven to help with weight loss and will keep you feeling great, too.


 1)   Apples – Making for a great mid-day snack, apples are low in calories and high in fiber.  As well, apples offer a variety of minerals and vitamins.  How they keep you thin? They are low in sodium and the fiber contents help you feel full longer so that you’re most likely not going to eat more with your next meal.  Plus they have zero calories.  The low sodium levels reduce the chance of retaining water (read: prevents excess water weight).  Finally apples are rich in vitamin C, a proven antioxidant and they have the ability to fight off serious illnesses like cancer.  An apple a day really does keep the doctor away

Kale salad

2)   Kale – Having kale in various salads and wraps works wonders for your body.  It’s extremely high in fiber as with apples, so it keeps you full longer.  Another fun fact: kale combines all the nutrients your body needs in a day with just one serving – from calcium, iron to vitamin A, C & K, kale’s got it all!  As a natural detox solution, kale also dramatically curbs your cravings for bad food and toxins.


3)   Lentils – Looking to flatten your tummy and keep your metabolism high?  This is the food to go with.  Preventing insulin production (which causes your body to produce fat naturally), Lentils can be used within soup, as a pasta dish in itself (opt to use organic, tomato sauce), or with eggs in the morning as a pure protein dish to get you going.  Mix it with Quinoa, another super-healthy grain for added fibre, vitamins and proven to lower cholesterol levels.



4)   Greek Yogurt – Jam-packed with a ton of protein (more protein than the regular yogurt brands) this protein serves you in two ways:  your body will most likely burn calories a lot faster when digesting protein and secondly, protein stays in your tummy longer, therefore keeping you feeling full and satisfied for a longer period of time.  Let’s not forget the probiotics yogurt has that helps clean out your digestive tract, eliminating the probability of infections within the intestines.


5)   Cinnamon – who says you can’t enjoy something delicious and sweet as part of your regular health regime?  Cinnamon has been proven to stabilize blood sugar levels, it increases metabolism, prevents your body from storing fat, and cinnamon is able to process carbohydrates, which in turn help you shed pounds.  Plus, cinnamon is rich in calcium, fiber and iron.  What’s not to love?  Stir it in a cup of coffee or tea as a sugar replacement and reap the benefits of this sweet, but wholesome, spice!

Written by: Melissa Teodoro