You’ve always admired the dresses your mother wore for parties and weddings from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Since you both perhaps don’t share the same body-type, or worse, her old clothes have become discoloured from being stored for a few decades, you’re certainly not going to put on a garment that’s used or worn out. Fear not, we’ve got you covered in some of our top vintage shops in Toronto.

1) I Miss You Vintage

imissyouvintage.lovethiscitytvNot one to “miss” is this new (very fancy) vintage store along Ossington’s vintage shop strip. With sequence, gems and unique accessories and rare clothing finds, this is a store that can be categorized in one of the more “upscale” of vintage shops, especially since you may find the odd designer label such as Dior and Chanel as you browse through each rack.

2) Monarch Vintage
monarchvintage.lovethiscitytv Get in touch with your inner queen and “reign” on this parade of vintage treasures! This vintage store “rules” over others for its vast selection of trendy items from over four decades! From the 1950’s right through to the 1990’s, this store’s wide selection of items can have you looking like Lucille Ball one day and Madonna the next.

3) 69 Vintage Boutique
69vintage.lovethiscitytv It’s time to party like it’s 1969! Styles in this store reflect the woman who isn’t afraid to take on the corporate world, who wears mini skirts and is confident, classy and sexy. From printed tie-dye shirts to leather and bohemian goods, 69 Vintage boutique is the one place to satisfy all your vintage needs.

4) Life of Manek
LifeofManek.lovethiscitytv Representing many of Europe’s traditional garments and accessories – referencing classic Irish, Italian and Ukrainian styles – this is one place to truly enjoy a vintage era from another continent as it includes the big and the bold of fashion’s past.

5) Black Flower Vintage

blackflowervintage.lovethiscitytv This shop caters to the stylish and fun dudes in the crowd with everything from bold prints on tees, corduroy pants and stylish shoes among many designer labels such as Versace. In addition to stylish classic pieces, sport jerseys can be found in this store alongside some mainstream items as well.

By: Melissa Teodoro
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