There is nothing like kicking back and watching your favourite Show on TV after a hard long day at work. Or binge watching TV all day, the choice is yours. After many heated debates we’ve decided to help your channel surfing issues by putting together a list of the top 10 TV shows of our time.

10. The Daily Show
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With 10+ writers for a half an hour slot The Daily Show is expected to be a fast and furious, informative yet funny hurricane of segments detailed to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world while making you laugh enough to not worry you about the inevitable Armageddon that we’re doomed to suffer. And does it ever deliver. I’ll just let the mountain of awards this show has received do the talking for me. If you have a vague interest in politics this is must see television.

9. Modern Family
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Dubbed as today perfect sitcom, Modern Family tackles homosexual relationships and interracial age gapping marriage with hilarious elegance and grace. Not to mention that everyone is equipped with clever one liners on que. Episodes zip by killing time and leave you always wanting more. If any comedy was to be extended to hour long episodes this will be it.

8. House
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House was an easy show to like. Super smart guy, physical flaw, damaged personality, witty sharp humor, offensive views and moral instability it had all these things on check early and often. They used fancy medical terms that even doctors couldn’t understand for the most part and House was at many times unbelievable in his brilliance. But we also got a crock pot of relationships between characters and original interactions to make it interesting and engaging week after week.

7. Game of Thrones
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A picture perfect remake of a series of books by George
R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones shows us some very tough lessons and punishments for not following the rules. Characters you love die on a regular basis making you hesitant to attach yourself to anyone at all. Then there’s the brilliant acting by pretty much all of the Lannister family (Geoffrey being my outright favorite) and the sky high budget that is used to shoot at such beautiful locations. The only comparable budget might have been the one behind the massive flop that was Terra Nova (which didn’t make this list… Not even close)

6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
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Ferris Bueller birthed Zach Morris. Zach Morris birthed Will Smith. Watching one of Hollywood’s best actors grow and evolve in front of us was a definite treat. With endless witty one liners and jabs at each other the fresh prince quickly became the role model for young males with his individuality and flair. Covering the regular plethora or family filled topics, this was what the teens watched and emulated.

5. The Simpsons
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With 24 seasons under their belt the Simpsons is the lone animated show on the list. With impressive and sometimes barbaric humor, The Simpsons successfully brought the entire town of Springfield alive. We can identify and relay the back story of every resident in the town. It helps that none of the characters have aged a day the length of the show I guess. But the Simpsons will forever be a staple in 90’s pop culture, and 00’s pop culture.

4. The Cosby Show
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The Cosby show can be summed up as the memoirs of the perfect African American family. Dr. Cliff and wife lawyer Claire Huxtable and five kids send viewers through every nook and cranny of raising a family in 80’s America. From experiences with drugs to weddings and anniversaries, the Cosby show takes you through the life of a high class American family. Add on to that the fact that Bill Cosby is hilarious and you have the grounds for a brilliant family sitcom that launched a spin off and was the root behind countless black sitcoms for years to come.

3. Sex and the City
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This show changed how women thought about, well, everything. Sex and the City took the single 30 year woman and made her a predator in the busy streets of New York City. Women searched for love, weren’t afraid to test the waters and they covered every subject found in a cosmopolitan or vogue magazine. The result was a movement for women and subsequently a lot more one night stands for men.

2. Seinfield
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The lives of four not so good people (that we all surprisingly identify with more than we like to admit) is a mish-mash of excellent comedy and a realistic irony that wraps up with us laughing at the characters, and ultimately ourselves at the end of every episode. From Georges consistent insecurities to Jerry’s indecisive nature we see a bit of ourselves in every person on the show. The sister show, curb your enthusiasm might have made this list as well if it wasn’t a revision of Seinfield with new characters..

1. The Sopranos
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Goodfellas meets casino meets scarface meets Donnie Brasco. That was the recipe for the Sopranos. A perfect blend of lovable characters and the Italian mob lifestyle that fascinated viewers for decades all mixed into a weekly episodic drama. Sadly the surprising death of James Gandolfini makes a Sopranos movie all but impossible. But the Sopranos will forever be the show that made television into a platform for brilliant storytelling and innovative yet subtle camera shots. Something we see tirelessly imitated by current programming.

We know that everyone will have opinions on what should be added and what should be taken off. I say let the great debate begin!!!

By: Smythe Dawonder
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