Queen Street West is home of the hip, hop, happening, and cool, calm and collected. Yes, all in one. The further down you walk, the more ensconced you are in the atmosphere. There’s no escaping it. The stores, people and colourful vibe all scream “welcome!” albeit quietly.

Masked within “the wall of Queen Street West” is an Italian gem—Terroni. The minute you walk in, to your right is a tall wooden shelf filled with oils, olives and jars of ‘nona’s’ homemade tomato sauce in case you forgot where you were. The shape of the room is awkward, but dimmed lights (not too romanticized), accent walls, massive artwork and a huge mirror give the illusion of a bigger space. Around the corner is a fun “homely” staircase leading to the upstairs dining area. The restaurant, which boasts an Adelaide location as well, also has a fully enclosed cozy patio with a sprawling mature tree that provides some natural shade.

The camerieres (servers) are friendly and very knowledgeable of the menu, even making some great suggestions based on your personal “likes.” Yes, they have you pegged within minutes.

If you are a lover of authentic Italian pizza, then you will want to read this next part carefully.

Picture this. Thin crust, nona’s sauce, mozzarella, hot calabrese salame and mushrooms so fresh, you swear YOU picked them yourself – all baked in a Moretti Pizza Oven for 3-5 minutes at temperatures exceeding 700 degrees. You smell it as it makes its way to the table – already feeling your excitement as you secretly drool. It’s so hot and so fresh that your first bite burns you – you knew it would, but you had to do it. The conversation has died down slightly as everyone fans their “pies” in hopes that the second bite won’t leave a mark on their lips. Everyone casually takes a sip of water, then a sip of their carefully selected pinot noir before attempting that next bite. Boy does it ever taste goooood. Still warm enough to enjoy, you unapologetically devour slice after slice – non-stop. All you hear are the satisfied murmurs around the table.

That’s just one of the many items available for you to try on the reasonably priced menu of authentic Italian cuisine.

Dolci (dessert)? Well, it’s a deliziososurprise every day.

Verdict: Bellissimo!

Full much? Yes.

Returning soon: Absolutely.