Style and Relationships at The Gentleman’s Expo


For those who went to the Gentleman’s expo this weekend, they might be surprised at some of the things they came across. Sure there were drinks, style, and cars. But there were also opportunities for men to get some grooming and lifestyle tips as well.

John Allan’s, a spa for men, was present and giving men some touch ups on their style by trimming their sideburns, getting rid of some unwanted neck hair, or even providing a shoeshine. John Allan’s is located in Toronto at the Eaton’s Centre and provides men the opportunity to stay properly groomed while adding a little class and manly pampering to their service. While taking in customers on a walk-in basis, John Allan’s also offers memberships for a great price. Each membership includes hair cut or trim, manicure, shoeshine, hot towel service and a drink. Members can go in as often as they like so that they can always be properly groomed for whatever event they may be going to. Furthermore, John Allan’s will soon be offering a straight razor service for those men looking for an old fashioned shave. Check out for more information on all of their locations.

Antonio with John Allan's getting a trim.  Image courtesy of Mike Chantler

Antonio with John Allan’s staff getting a trim. Image courtesy of Mike Chantler

After learning, or getting properly groomed, men will obviously want to have some success with the ladies as well.  What better way than by checking out “It’s Just Lunch”.  This is a dating service that arranges lunch dates for it’s members which they feel are much less stressful and have far less pressure.  Visit: for more details.


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If you happen to already be married or in a relationship then there was support for you as well.  Playboy TV host and author Jessica O’Reilly brought her newest book and personal advice for spicing up any relationship.  Jessica was present the entire weekend to be sure that everyone came to her booth got the personal attention they needed or deserved.

Jessica O'Reilly.  Image courtesy of Mike Chantler

Jessica O’Reilly. Image courtesy of Mike Chantler

If you were a man in need of some skin products, Dove Men Care had a display showing all of their new products. Whether it is dry or oily skin, hair issues, or even chapped lips, Dove Men had the product needed to help with the problem. If you were one of the fortunate ones with flawless skin, then they still had you covered with body washes and shampoo designed for men to exfoliate your skin gently.

After leaving the show, men would know how to dress properly and would have the complexion, hairstyle, and confidence needed to tackle the world and whatever it has to throw at them.


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