It’s so boring when things become routine. You choose a restaurant, sit down, order your typical meal, finish it and leave. We all need a change every once in a while. There are a lot independently owned restaurants in Toronto that deserve your attention too! They’re not just restaurants, they’re more than that! You’re sure to get a unique dining experience from the places listed below:

1. Bacon Nation (170 Spadina Avenue) – You might’ve heard of this infamous food truck roaming the streets of Toronto or seen them at CNE last year. Bacon is served in every way you can imagine. Choose from bacon wrapped hot dogs, deep-fried beer battered bacon wrapped hot dog on a stick, bacon chips with a side of Jack Daniel’s sauce and more. They will be opening a permanent location in downtown Toronto. As they say, go pig or go home.

170 Spadina Avenue –

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Bacon Nation at CNE – LoveThisCityTV

2. S. Lefkowitz – This little restaurant’s main attraction is hummus. With 200 pounds of chick peas weekly, they offer hummus with spiced meat, hummus with warm olives, hummus with tahini and many more. All this is served on warm, fresh pita bread. If you like that Middle Eastern flare in your food, then this place is for you. Keep in mind that the hummusia is closed Mondays.

913 Dundas Street West –

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S. Lefkowitz – LoveThisCityTV

3. Shishalicious – Yes, it’s a shisha lounge but they’ve also got a lot more to offer than just that. The hookah lounge is complete with playing cards, board games and of course, a food menu from mango shakes to coffee. It’s the combination of everything you need to have a blast with your friends. Open 7 days/week.

235 Jarvis Street –

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Shishalicious – LoveThisCityTV

4. 3030 – This little cultural hub is the perfect place for small get-togethers. Something they offer that a lot of places don’t is a $5 menu for small dishes. This way, it’s easy to try a little bit of everything instead of ordering a $20 entrée and not liking it. What else makes them unique? They have live performances, board games, art shows and best of all? Vintage pinball machines.

3030 Dundas Street West –

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3030 Dundas West – LoveThisCityTV

5. Mariposa Dinner Cruise – Clearly, this is not your typical restaurant. It’s not even on land! If you book a journey with the Mariposa Dinner Cruise, expect a 4-hour cruise with a buffet-style dinner, a cash bar and live music. Other options include lunch cruises or weekend brunch cruises. If I were you, I’d opt for the dinner cruise. It’s worth it just to see Toronto’s city lights at night.

207 Queen’s Quay –

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Mariposa Dinner Cruise – LoveThisCityTV