EP Cover - Gender Bender SHADED

You know when you hear one of those tracks that instantly transforms your mind and body into a sense of feel-good musical freedom? A track that when you discover it for the first time it somehow makes you feel like you have heard it a million times, and each and every time it is more amazing than time before? You have no control and next thing you know your mouth has a dirty pout and your shoulders are swaying perfectly to a beat that you just cannot stand still to, no matter how hard you try!  We all have a few of those tracks in our collections and who wouldn’t want one more to add?

IMG_5481 copy 2

Last week Dancing Astronaut released SHADED’s “Gender Bender” and we featured it as a Track of the Day…lets just say the response we got was everything we expected. Everyone was instantly obsessed. The groove, the funk, the bounce, the infectious baseline, and the sexy vocals that leaked into your soul was everything you expect to hear in a good track.

SHADED has created a unique sound that has been captivating just about everyone that listens to his music. He brings a new sense of “feel good” to his music. It brings back memories of a sick party, a sexy person you just can’t get out of your head, and an urge to do nothing but dance! SHADED is setting the tone for what party music should be and “Gender Bender” is the definition of what he is all about.

If you missed our Track of the Day or you have had “Gender Bender” on repeat since its release last week, we definitely recommend adding this one to your collection. Groovy, raw, tech-house goodness at its finest. Looking forward to more music from SHADED!



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