The beach is our favorite summer destination. Whether to have a relaxing swim or just tan ourselves under the sun, it is a popular destination and for this year you might want to get out and visit other beaches around the globe. We selected some of the “sexiest” beach cities you can visit.



Cape Town, South Africa

This where the cool water from the Antarctic meets with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. There are several beaches here with the Clifton beaches being the most famous. You can enjoy surfing and sunset viewing in this nice place.




Honolulu, Hawaii

The Waikiki beach of Honolulu was the favorite place of Hawaiian royalty during the 18th to 19th century. MoanaSurfrider Hotel has been a witness of all the tourists that visited this beach for their turquoise blue waters and rolling waves that are ideal for beginner surfers.




Nice, France

You would enjoy the French treat in this city. With 35 beautiful beaches to choose from, the city of Nice is a perfect “Europe getaway” this summer. Don’t forget to drop by to the famous Promenade des Anglais, which fronts La Baie des Anges.




Miami Beach, Florida

If you don’t want to travel far to have a great summer experience then Miami Beach should be on your list. A ferry ride from Miami passing through the Biscayne Bay will take you to this barrier island (and city). They boast a 14-kilometer coastline where you can enjoy great scenery. Don’t forget also the famous night attractions like party houses and South Beach (famous as SoBe) is one of them.




Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The famous city of Rio de Janeiro is a favorite beach destination in South America. With their 25-mile coast that is filled with beautiful sand, you surely won’t be bored even if you spend your entire summer here.  Prepare your eyes as you might spot the “The Girl from Ipanema” of your life.




Santa Monica, California

Another sweet spot in the US, the Santa Monica in California has been a favorite site for many Hollywood movies. You can enjoy a fresh view of the ocean on their 4-mile broad coastline. You can do cool stuff here like to join a volleyball game or perhaps go look for sea lions.




Sydney, Australia

Want to have a taste of an Aussie life? Then let’s go down to the one kilometer coastline of golden sand in Sydney. Many Australians come here to enjoy surfing and to spot migrating whales usually from May to October.




Tel Aviv, Israel

If you think that it is all just war here in Israel, then you would change your mind upon visiting their “Miami Beach” version in Tel Aviv. The 13-kilometer beach is filled with restaurants, discos and clubs open until dawn. It’s a party all night here in Israel.



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