Sex Tips for Men: 4 Things You Should Do In The Bedroom

This goes way beyond “nice guys finish last”, and “bad boys get all the girls”. No, this isn’t even on that level. This not-so-secret formula relies on a quality that all men should have fully developed by their mid-twenties. I say “fully developed” because throughout a man’s teenage years he hasn’t fully developed the qualities needed to be a gentleman. It’s not entirely his fault because he doesn’t really know “what women want” just yet. He’s just curious and a little scared, so instead of developing the knowledge needed to have a girl think he’s the greatest guy she’s ever met,  he uses his little head to tell his big head (or vice versa) what either head wants to hear.

Sex Tips for Men- 4 Things You Should Do In The BedroomUltimately he just wants to get laid. Thats fine; when your between the ages of 16-24. But once you hit your mid-twenties things should begin to change, and by this age your experience with women/girls, should have given you enough insight to know what these 3 Secrets are all about. Men have this weird tendency; they tend to be secretly egotistical and with that egotism comes boyish tendencies that have the power to damn the male role in society and have women’s ego’s boost up to a higher state of dominance like you wouldn’t believe. More than half the time men don’t even know they’re doing it. They’re just following the pack of influences that have paved the way for them along they’re journey to becoming the alpha male that they’ve been conditioned to believe they must become.

Being a “man” takes a lot of careful thinking. It’s not easy to lead as an example or coast through life with confidence and optimism while challenges are constantly being presented to you. A lot of men fail when it comes to maintaining a level of self-control that can be deemed respectable and justifiable in the eyes of the opposite sex. When men lose control of themselves, they become susceptible to temptation. Not just sexual temptation, but temptations of all forms; like substance abuse, laziness, carelessness, and inconsiderateness. Hmmmmm, inconsiderateness….?

Allow me to abruptly plug in a secret formula that will have a woman consider you a keeper in the bedroom:

The Formula is basic.

Add these simple elements together and voila!

Conscious Attention To Her (Mentally) + Undeniable Attraction (Sexually) + Male Peace of Mind + Considerateness Of Her Feelings (Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally) = The Secret Formula To Have A Woman Consider You A Keeper!

Now that you have the formula here are 3 Tips You Should Use In The Bedroom to have a woman call you back for more:

1. The Big One

Most men have no idea the importance of this first step. As a male, you think about sex as a form of releasing frustration, anxiety, and overall stress. You use it as a catalyst for your own pleasure. But really, sex when treated as a selfish act, only allows you to gain a certain mediocre result. You bust a nut and then you finish; your done, right? Your woman thinks to herself, “oh great now that he’s finished he’s not going to pay attention to me anymore and I’m left here at the brink of having an orgasm that I’m going to have to self-induce.” Guys that’s a big NO-NO!

Don’t leave your woman on the brink of having an orgasm. Stop being so damn inconsiderate!

Make the conscious effort to have her orgasm FIRST before you do!  <<<<——- (THAT’S THE MONEY!)

Before you insert your penis inside her vagina, make her orgasm at least once with your tongue or with your finger. Play with her clit as much as possible.  Remember that her clit is super sensitive.  Be gentle at first, wet it, get creative with your fingers, lick it, nibble gently, suck it a little bit and then lick it again.  Insert your finger(s) inside her and make out with her at the same time.  Stimulate more than one part of her body simultaneously.  As you have two fingers inside her, use your thumb to rub her clit at the same time.  Use foreplay as a means of sexual communication. Let her know through your actions that you care about her pleasure more than you care about your own! Trust me, she’ll consider you a keeper!

2. Clean Up Your Mess If You Want More

Male sperm is sticky, gooey, and a little nasty. It doesn’t always have the most welcoming aroma and from what I have heard it doesn’t really taste that well. You probably fantasize about busting a nut all over your girlfriends face, or having her jerk you off to the point where you ejaculate all over her breasts and all over her stomach. You love the idea of having your woman have your cock in her hand and being the one to set you off on the ultimate pleasure there is. It can be a very sensual and erotic thing to accomplish.

But after you ejaculate all over her don’t be a prick by watching her clean up your mess with a scowl look on your face. Go grab a towel, grab some napkins, whatever you can find! Tell her to “hold on, don’t move” because if she moves your mess will start dripping and you don’t want that. Come back with a smile on your face and all of the willingness to clean up after yourself. Wipe her down gently and willingly. She will be thankful that you do and there’s a good chance you’ll hook up again.

3. Affectionate Aggression: Man Up To Your Sensitivity

All women are different. Much like all men are different. So this tip can vary depending on what kind of a partner you have. Some women like aggression. They love being manhandled. Other women like to be treated gently. They like being caressed and held. Depending on your partner, know that it is important for you to add contrast to your sexual ability. If she likes it rough, then be rough but slip in a gentle kiss on her forehead, then on her cheek and then on her lips. It’ll show her that you aren’t just a beast in bed, but also a beauty. If your partner is sensitive to touch and she likes to be treated gently; grab her firmly by the waist. Let her know you are present in the moment. Lift her up by her waist and have her wrap her legs around your torso as you partially aggressively push her against a wall. Instead of letting the back of her head gently tap the wall when you thrust her towards it, sneak your hand behind her head so that when her head is about to make contact with the wall, your palm is on the wall and the back of your hand is ready to cup the back of her head. She’ll realize you did that intentionally and consider you as considerate.

4. The Much Avoided Kiss

The title alone should already tell you what’s to come in this tip.

Let’s get straight to it.

The girl your with just went down on you. Oh yeah, she just gave you head, performed fellatio, or in layman’s terms; she put your penis in her mouth with every effort to make you feel incredibly satisfied. It felt good right? It was amazing and you felt so lucky. But then the moment of do or die arises and you’re left in a predicament that makes you feel awkward, disgusted, and a little weird; she goes in to kiss you on the mouth! OMG!

Guys, here’s something you should know: If your getting your dick sucked by a girl that you like, care about, or absolutely adore, and you don’t intend on kissing afterwards; don’t get your dick sucked by her. Period.

Know this: I’m writing about having a woman consider you lucky enough to get the chance to hook up with her a second time.  If you fuck up the first time by disrespecting her without you even knowing it, you’re gonna wonder what you did wrong.  I’m giving you gold here gentlemen; GOLD! 

You like this woman so much that you want to see more of her, you want to spend time with her, and you value her friendship. Well guess what…..with that value that you adore comes a thin line of respect that can be easily overshadowed by inconsiderateness.

There are two types of women that perform fellatio:

a) The woman that genuinely enjoys going down on you because she has her own reasons and since I don’t have all the answers I’m not going to assume what those reasons are. (I could, but I won’t)…actually you know what I’ll take a couple guesses. Some women just like having the power to own you. They get off on having a cock in they’re hands and knowing they hold the ability to make you simultaneously weak and strong with both they’re mouth and they’re hands. It’s a power trip. It’s also quite the challenge. I guess having a cock in their mouth can be enjoyable much like having an oval shaped ice cream or a lollipop. I could be wrong, but don’t take my word for it.  Jesse Jane will tell you straight up!

b) The woman that does it just because she cares about satisfying you to the fullest. She does it for you! She doesn’t even like doing it, but for you she’ll do almost anything to know you are happy, satisfied, and content.

The first woman is usually the type of woman that knows you won’t kiss her after she goes down on you. She’s experienced that awkward moment at some other point in her sex life and she learned the hard way that a man doesn’t want to kiss her when she has your penis’s stench in her breath. You can consider yourself lucky to find a woman so down to earth.

The second woman is performing as an act of love, adoration, or incredible attraction. She’s usually the type that will expect a kiss afterwards. When you are in a committed relationship with someone, you are expected to kiss her after she goes down on you.

It’s like an unwritten rule that if you break, you just may have tarnished the entire relationship because she will feel used, dirty, or unimportant to you. There’s a good chance she’ll call you out on it, and if you care about her enough, you’ll be kissing her the next time the situation presents itself. I guarantee it.

However, if you are not in a committed relationship with the woman that has gone down on you, and what you are sharing is strictly sex with no emotions involved, then there’s a good chance you will be able to get away it. It’s really that simple. If you want to be considered a keeper with the woman that you share your life with, then learn to embrace the kiss. If you could careless about the chick, then you’re either in for a rude awakening or you’ll get away with it because she’s boss enough to know why you wouldn’t want to kiss her afterwards.

Put your woman’s desires and needs before yours and then watch the magic unfold as your woman realizes how much of a gem you are and randomly starts to take good care of you in return. (10x more than you would ever expect).

– aWayWithWords