Ristorante Buonanotte: An Influence In Montreal’s Restaurant & Nightlife Scene


Love This City was privileged to be at Ristorante Bounanotte in Montreal. The look, the feel, the class was beyond amazing, the fine Italian food was better then nonna’s (which is close to impossible to beat), and after dinner, the music, vibes and bottle service fit perfectly with the change of atmosphere from dinner to party.

When I first arrived the first thing I noticed was the sexy atmosphere. Dim lights close to each table, red ones lightly shining from the ceiling. It was a full house of very attractive, trendy people sitting at their group tables, eating, drinking and definitely enjoying life. I was mesmerized that this place was so popular, considering they opened there doors back in 1991, and still going stronger then ever.

The staff were all on there A game, moving quickly to serve the full house of people, and still, looked very elegantly with the girls in little blue dresses and men in sophisticated tailors suits. They all had a Bounannotte style; drinks made with Grace and food served with pleasure. One of my favorite moments, which I was so happy to experience, was when the manager Vito, arrived at a table with a huge piece of Roast Beef in his hand on a beautifully displayed wooden cutting table surrounded with perfectly roasted veggies. He put it down like a piece of art, pulled out two very large cutting knives, and so very thinly, and so very quickly, chopped it up for a large party of people. There is no denying these special moments are the reasons Bounanotte has maintained it’s place as number 1 in Montreal’s restaurant/ nightlife industry.

Next, the food, let me tell you, was absolutely mind blowing with every bite. Mmm… the flavors of authentic Italian food, most of which, are home made receipts made fresh all day long. I was invited into the kitchen and had the change to see many diverse dishes being made from start to finish, and I was mesmerized by the love that went into each plate.



Lastly, 11pm. This is where everything changed. Dinner was done, plates were cleared, the servers no longer carried trays of food, but lite up bottles of Vodka, Hennessey, and rum with large sparklers. The DJ changed from Mellow deep house to Hip, Hop, electronic and some top 40 a few levels up. It got even busier, real quick, with a full bar, tables packed and everyone standing, mingling and dancing. It was so refreshing to be in the same place I was for dinner, without having to step out in the cold and wait in some big line up. We drank, we danced, and we made new friends until the night was done. I actually feel asleep with a big smile, and continued that smile for a 6-hour drive back home to Toronto the next day because of my experience here.

Our trip to Montreal would have not been as memorable as it was if we had not stopped in to to say bonjour, so cheers to Bounanotte for being the highlight of Montreal, and a perfect night out for anyone with style and great taste!

Mel’s favorite dishes: Antipasto: caprese salad, Appetizers: Roasted Octopus, Meat: fillet mignon, Fish: branzino, dessert (a savory selection of sweets):



By: Melissa Stratigeas