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I love the holidays. I have great Christmas spirit and have no problems spending whatever I need to in order to get that perfect gift for someone. However, I am a little perplexed with the fact that season things are being brought into stores even before Halloween is finished.

I don’t know if it is desperation on retailers to try and milk the consumer for every penny possible, but it just seems that Christmas promotions are starting earlier every year. Normally it would be the day after Halloween that the Christmas season would start in retail. Now you can wander stores during October and find Halloween items in one row, with Christmas items beside them. It’s sad and puts forth a message that the season doesn’t mean anything but money now.


Sure, I can handle Christmas music starting in the malls, I can handle and justify the fact that stores are desperate during this rough economic time to try and get the shopping kick-started for the holidays, but come on, Christmas movies on television already? This weekend I was shocked to see that aside from the “seasonal music channel” starting, but also the fact that another television station is doing holiday movies every weekend, all weekend long leading to them showing all Christmas, all day!

Are we being bombarded by the holidays? Yes! Is the anything we can do about it? Nope! Sadly, society needs to be aggressively attacked by the corporations in order to squeeze every possible dollar out of people to make ‘bottom lines’ look better for the corporate head offices.

With a total for 43 more days to go until the man in red comes calling to your houses be prepared for some Christmas corporate confrontations with the media companies jumping on board to get what they can too! I guess the one group of people who will enjoy all this extra holiday time will be those collecting royalties from their films and music. Good on them!

So, while it may be early, Merry Christmas everyone!

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By: Michael Chantler
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