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So when did it become commonplace to use your debit card at the drive thru? When I go to get my favorite double double I don’t want to sit and wait for “Mr. Mom” with his mini-van full of kids to use his debit card, or even credit card, to buy some donuts in hopes that it will shut his kids up. Then if you happen to get in line behind “Joe construction worker”, you’ve got to sit and wait while he orders food for his entire company. Oh, it gets better; then when he arrives at the window to pay he remembers he needed separate bills so that he can keep everyone’s change accurate.

The first drive thru was created in Texas in the early 1930’s. It featured a window where people could drive up and place their order. They would then be given their food and be on their way. Drive thru was created to let busy people get their fast food quickly so that they can continue on with their busy life. It is meant to be convenient and speedy, not something you regret driving in line for. (Photo Cred:

I guess society has become too self-centred to think of others and the time it takes up from their lives when they decide they don’t have $2 to pay for their coffee and have to put it on their debit card. I blame the credit card companies for their whole “smallenfreuden” promotion. Giving people the idea that they can put smaller purchases on credit/debit cards has since taken the ease away from the drive-thru and many other places of convenience.

I implore the readers of this rant to rethink their actions at the drive-thru. From here forth be a smart shopper and stop using your debit card for every little purchase.

By: Michael Chantler
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