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“Never mess with the people who bring you your food.” This quote has been said to me many times by a friend who is determined to never have anything done to his food when visiting a restaurant. I always laugh and tease the server about this line but in the back of my mind, it is still a thought. Normally, it is a tease about drinks or something harmless, but there are those who don’t take things as lightly as intended and that’s when the worry begins.

With all the different television shows that demonstrate what servers go through from the public, and in some cases, what those servers do in return to the food they serve – it is scary to think of ever going to a restaurant again. One of the best examples, albeit fictional, is the movie “Waiting”. This movie demonstrates the difficulties that some people have in the restaurant business and what they can *technically* get away with when serving someone their food. From spit and other bodily fluids in soups, to wiping a steak over ones private parts, it can all happen.

It is sad that this happens though. It goes to show what the “generation me” society is becoming whereby this can be acceptable behavior. Not only are the people going to restaurants feeling they deserve more than they are receiving, but the servers within the restaurants are feeling empowered and entitled to do whatever they want without repercussions. While people continue to let standards slide, there is no telling what will happen to service in all sectors of business.

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Outside of the restaurant industry, people still run into the same issues. On a recent trip to my mobile phone company in an attempt to upgrade my phone I could not even clarify what the person told me because they started texting right in front of me. Furthermore, the only other person working in the store at that moment was surfing Facebook and not looking to leave the back of the counter. Did I get my new phone? No, I left the store and will call the company in hopes of better results. In grocery stores cashiers have their phone beside the cash register and will text or tweet while the customer is getting their money ready to pay, or using the debit machine.

Society accepts these actions and continues to let this behavior slide. While I maintain what my friend says that I won’t mess with the people who bring me my food, I will continue to attempt to engage in conversation with people. Conversations through text message are convenient, but human interaction is a very nice thing too, and it is something we need more of.

By: Michael Chantler

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