Been tired of being furious when you got on a party and ends up with no date? Maybe, something was really wrong. Having the attention of others in a crowd is not very simple, you need something strong to catch the attention, and that is what a good lifestyle diet is all about. A diet does not mean only eating foods that are given to you, it is choosing what is good for your body, skin and health. It is not only choosing something to eat, but also choosing that lifestyle you want to live in. The difference of living a good healthy lifestyle is far different from eating less and exercising more. It is more likely living with satisfaction and developing for good, which is more likely undeniably suitable and perfect right?


What is a Party Rock Star?

Party rock star is someone who can catch irrepressible attention from a crowd. Lean and fabulous as they ramp the stage with their raging hot body, can dance and rock all night without insecurities, and filled with confidence bringing themselves in front of so many people. And this person keeps only one secret, and its living healthy and living fit.


What are the needs to be a Rock Star?

Live Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle is like choosing a basket of fruits than a pack of chocolate, making your own smoothie shake with fresh fruits than buying a can of soda, buying fresh vegetables from your favorite store than eating in fast food restaurant and choosing what you eat carefully than having a less chance to lengthen your life span and living un-fit to live the life with extreme courage to be yourself.

Joyful party

Healthy foods to enjoy, but still healthy:

1 cup of Brown rice than eating white rice
1 serving of white meat than red meat
1 serving of fish than canned goods
2 wheat breads than 1 chocolate pudding
1 type of fruits than 1 chocolate bar
1 glass of skim milk than regular milk
1 bottle of water than soda
1 cup of tea than coffee


Exercising like a Rock star

Exercising may give a little hard time, but training will help you to have an exceptional body. There are many training guides for an everyday exercise, and less or more can affect your body’s reaction to everything you do. Over training was never a help, so keep it low and keep it always balance. Don’t forget to love your beautiful body, make it amazing that everyone will dream about. Get your ass working now, it was never too late!


Workouts that are worth a try:

  1. High- Intensity Training
  2. Interval training
  3. Yoga
  4. Training for dancers
  5. Zumba
  6. Martial Arts
  7. Swimming
  8. Cycling


There is no easy way to have an excellent perfect body you always dreamt of. The more efforts and training you acquire, the more change it will make. And it doesn’t mean you should deprive of yourself on what you want, all you need is to love what you are doing and all will get on their right places. If you want to rock all night in a party without insecurities, this is the key you really should keep.

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