Everyone knows that sex is great. Hot, intimate and sexy, everyone seems to have his or her own kink. Sometimes, however, you want to branch out or spice things up. Ohhh Canada is Toronto’s premier sex shop. Its massive collection of sex items and apparel cover anything imaginable. Discrete, expedient and professional staff are ready to help take your sex life to the next level.

Choosing the right treat, toy or outfit can be hard; sometimes you don’t even know where to start! Ohhh Canada tackles these tough questions head on. Qualified staff members are on hand to help guide eager customers who might be unsure of what they want.

From lingerie to lube, Ohhh Canada has it all. Vibrators, bondage tools and a wide selection of sexual apparel are readily available. Cosplay outfits, corsets, panties and shoes all find a special sexual niche somewhere in the catalogue. Ohhh Canada also boasts a very impressive return policy—absolutely anything purchased may be returned within 30 days. What’s more, they also source customer requests for harder to find items that may not be in stock, or are difficult to acquire.

Madame Butterfly Crotchless Panties One example of sexy style is the Madame Butterfly crotchless panties. This pair of inviting underwear is styled with a unique pattern on the fabric. Where the fabric isn’t, however, seems to be more alluring.


The Tenga Egg is a male masturbation enhancer. Soft to the touch and ribbed internally, when combined with a popular organic, aloe-based Blossom Organics lube, it’s easy to agree that there is something perfect for both males and females at Ohhh Canada.


The Afterglow Massage Oil Candle is another delightful addition. When lit, it romantically cooks a hot wax for use in the bedroom. Miraculously, the oil does not get hot enough to burn, but is soothing and warmly erotic.

Ohhh Canada is entirely women owned and operated. In that, they can boast that every item sold in the store has been personally tested by a staff member before hitting shelves. Katrina McKay, entrepreneur and sex speaker, is the founder of Ohhh Canada. In a short period of time, McKay’s knack for “expressing your sexy” has proven to be incredibly successful. On top of managing the Ohhh Canada sex boutique, she heads frequent workshops about improving different aspects of one’s sexual lifestyle. These in-depth workshops can range from public events, private workshops (Talking Dirty, Kissing, Erogenous Sounds), to conferences or keynote talks about sex and entrepreneurship.

Katrina McKay Photographer: Lourdes Teresa Makeup & Hair: Carmen Rachel

McKay is a strong advocate of self-exploration, acceptance and expression. When asked for her top sex tips, she had this to say:

1. “Go slowly. Sometimes we can lose our sexy. Everyone finds themselves in these ruts. If we want to get our sexy back, we need to move slowly. Sex isn’t like a light switch that can be flicked on or off. With a partner, even the small things like holding hands, or going on dates, can reunite chemistry and can be very important when it comes to feeling good.

2. “Rediscover what is sexy to, and about you. When you look in the mirror you should feel sexy about yourself. Find even one thing about yourself that you believe is seriously sexy.”

3. “Invest in your sexuality. Wear nice underwear! Find your perfect toy! The things that make you feel comfortable are the very things you should hold in high value.”

4. “Experimentation. With or without a partner, it’s always good to try new things. Get a vibrator. Don’t like it? No big deal! It shouldn’t change how you think of yourself.”

5. “Vocalization. Want to learn to talk dirty? Just make some sexy noises. They can even be ridiculous, it’s just part of the fun. Vocalizations can really spice things up.”


Ohhh Canada can be found at 721 Queen Street West, or at their official website. With such wide variety and knowledgeable, attentive staff, there is no excuse for not taking the chance to work out all your kinks!