Rush Lane Co – 563 Queen Street West

One of the newest additions to Toronto nightlife is Rush Lane & Co, an impressive new pinnacle in ‘mixology.’ The suavely presented lounge and bar opened only a few weeks ago, but has already begun to push the envelope in terms of presentation and taste. Featuring a creative list of uniquely designed cocktails, Rush Lane does not miss a mark. There is perfect balance between experienced craftsmanship and fresh personality, resulting in remarkably top grade cocktails.


Inside the lounge itself, the atmosphere is pleasant. Seating speckles the front end of the establishment, with the bar spanning the left side. The arrangement allows you privacy when with company, whilst still remaining very ‘open-concept.’ Further in hides a raised seating area, with a homey atmosphere in front of the quaint bookshelf and large, vibrant fish tank.


The initial list of nine cocktails spans a huge breadth of flavour, ensuring that you’ll always be pleasantly surprised, but never out of your depth. The menu was specially designed by the collection of partners who own and tend the bar. Each drink on the menu was personally crafted by one of the ‘mixologists’ who now call Rush Lane home. This adds not only a unique taste to the beverage, but also a charming feeling of personality hidden in anecdotes weaved into the concoction of ingredients. In an effort to continuously satisfy bar goers with a new and flavourful experience, Rush Lane promises to actively change their cocktail menu, as well as create custom cocktails to meet the particular tastes of each individual to ensure that there is no need for you to strictly order off the menu, and more importantly, become limited and bored with the same routine beverages.


The impressively presented ‘Chai-Thai’ delights the senses with a combination of tropical tastes and foreign scent. Rum, pineapple, and lime are matched with sweet pecan and vanilla syrup, christened on top with aromatic roasted nuts. The oceanic vibe makes it the perfect drink to sip whilst admiring Rush Lane’s glowing fish tank, complete with its collection of aquatic critters. The ‘Beat It’ expertly blends a dousing of Beefeater gin with ginger, thyme, lemon and—naturally—beet. The strength of the gin is smoothly augmented with piquant beet, and goes down easily with a fresh ginger aftertaste.

Alongside drinks is a menu chock full of delectable bar foods, high-grade and immensely satisfying. The cuisine, curated by Chef Christopher Scott, is a big notch above your standard bar fare.


Buttery foie gras alongside succulent watermelon with crispy wafer compliments your beverage perfectly. Other delightful eats include melt-in-the-mouth cornbread layered over tender meat from the head of a pig, making ‘corn-dog’ a term simply too juvenile for the level of flavour packed into the snack, which is accompanied by coriander, corn pudding and sugar cane. The menu delivers what you wouldn’t expect from typical bar food, dishes with an absolutely unprecedented level of flavour and class.


Rush Lane & Co is able to truly boast next level methodology when it comes to flavour synthesis. Currently they are the only bar in Canada with scientific, industrial level evaporators, mixers and countless shelves of other impressive equipment. Tucked away in ‘the lab,’ lay machinery dedicated to opening the door to limits constrained only by imagination.

It seems that Rush Lane has it all. From a welcoming environment, to dedicated, knowledgeable and charismatic mixologists behind the bar, providing you with a satisfyingly delicious drink in your hand, it is truly an indelible experience that must be had. Next time you find yourself thirsty, Rush Lane is the destination for you.

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