Looking for a Stylist Men’s outfit can be problematic even in fashionable cities like Toronto. The never-ending problem is in the lack of options and styles. We will list in this article fashion retailers that has a great stuff! amazing style and options of supplies that you can choose from top wear to pants to shoes. We’ve got it all covered in this list so that the next time you won’t have to look anywhere but Love This City TV, here is the best outfit that will definitely fit you.



No they are not our enemy. They our friendly shop that would give us top of the class merchandise for men. Are you looking for an executive look? They have a wide array of styles here that would make you look elegant. They are located in Yorkville.







The store may be small but they boom in their apparel. They have a lot of “A” customers like Tom Cruise and Bruce Springsteen. The store has been operating since 1980’s with huge collection of labels like Hugo Boss and Tiger of Sweden.







Holt Renfrew

Though they may be known before as a store for female but over the years they have improved their selection for men like Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss. They also have valet parking, a café, spa and other retailer in case you got bored.







Hidden away in a basement near Spadina and Richmond, they have a great selection of apparel from top of your shoes. They have good brand including Quiet Life, Diamond and Insight.







The great store not only considers itself a streetwear store but a movement. They have been working with graffiti artists and rappers to bring their designs. They have a great style of streetwear and formal clothing that you can choose from.





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