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John A. Russo

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John A. Russo (born 1939), sometimes credited as Jack Russo or John Russo, is an American screenwriter and film director most commonly associated with the 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead.[1] As a screenwriter, his credits include Night of the Living DeadThe Majorettes,Midnight, and Santa Claws. The latter two, he also directed. He has performed small roles as an actor, most notably the first ghoul who is stabbed in the head in Night of the Living Dead, as well as cameos in There’s Always Vanilla and House of Frankenstein 1997.

John A. Russo(right) and Japanese filmmaker, Ryota Nakanishi(left)

John Russo is also the founder and one of the co-mentors along with Russell Streiner of the John Russo Movie Making Program at DuBois Business College in DuBois, Pennsylvania.[2] John A. Russo has completed several interviews over the years discussing his film making career, with a recent interview with BioGamer Girl Magazine, in which he appeared on the magazine’s radio show Undead Noise.[3] Movie Emporium Inc. will released Russo’s CD John Russo’s Movie Music, his CD is filled with Songs from his films.[4]

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