Love This City Interviews Victor Calderone


Before his never surprising explosive set at Coda, I was honoured to speak with the humble and always mind opening, industry veteran, as he shared with us some of his past and present outlooks on today’s industry, current global hotspot’s, his inspiring view on Toronto, as well big things all of you Victor Calderone fans should be looking out for!


vic calderone | Love This City

vic calderone | Love This City

C-You’ve always been one of Toronto’s party goers favorite DJ’s to hear play and you headlined some absolutely insane parties here, what is your view on Toronto’s music scene and the vibe here?



V- “Toronto for me, is at the top right now. It is inspiring to come and play here. The music coming out of Toronto is also very inspiring and incredible. You have Carlo Lio of course, The Junkies, Nathan Barato…so many top notch producers. Just goes to show, there is really something special happening here, that these guys are getting inspired from. For me and any DJ to feel that sense of freedom when you show up at a club, you feel at home, you don’t question yourself when you’re playing, you’re just playing with a sense of ‘freedom’ and that’s rare.  



 C-You have played at every influential music festival and have had countless residencies around the world from Montreal, Tel-Aviv, Belguim, and of course your home in New York City. Where is your favorite place to play and where do you feel the next global hotspot is?



Victor Calderone | Love This Cityake sense.

V- For me right now, Eastern Europe. Places like Romania and Bulgaria have been blowing me away. It reminds me of NYC in the early 90’s, where the people are just super excited and just ready to go on a journey. They are very open. They want to hear new music and they don’t want to hear music that they know. They are just a great audience to play for. Second would be Canada for me, and I’m not just saying that because I’m talking to you and we are here right now! Toronto and Montreal have been really special to me for a long time!


C-Your sound has evolved so much over time, and you have mastered a beautiful transition from tribal dominance to the definition of tech, yet your music has always maintained such a solid sound and following. How do you feel about where your music is today and where do you see your music heading in the future?


V- I am always exploring. I think it is really important as artist to take risks and to evolve. If you don’t you become stagnant, stuck and fade. I think it is also really important to keep yourself open to new things and explore. I feel like I am constantly evolving, looking for new music, and a new direction. Right now, the music that is really turning me on is the sound that is coming out of Berlin. There are some young producers putting out some really amazing stuff. This one artist in particular, Roman Lindau; his stuff just has this fresh sound to it and is super inspiring. Then there are guys who have been around for a long time like Len Faki, Ben Klock,and Ben Sims, those guys have been killing it and have been for many years. Their stuff has evolved into this new fresh sound that has really been turning me on lately.


C-You had such an impact with your Evolve brand and Waveform, what are some of the big things we should look be looking out for?


V- I have worked with the Evolve Brand for quite some time and were about to launch a new brand and announce some new residencies in the coming year, so look out for that! We are working with new artists on Waveform and we are going to launch a sub-label of Waveform, in the line of what I was mentioning earlier and the sound that is really inspiring me right now. Waveform will continue to be more of a tech and house label and the sub label will be more of a super underground techno sound.


C- You are the “original” producer in the industry to collaborate with global superstars like Madonna, Sting and Beyonce. Today’s mainstream pop scene is exploding with electronic collaborations, do you plan on ever blessing Pop Music with more remix’s and is there anyone you would love to work with?


Victor Calderone | Love This City

Victor Calderone | Love This City

V- I can’t say no but if the right opportunity presented itself and if it was an artist that had material that I felt lent itself to where I’m at musically, I would do it, absolutely. I think there is certainly a lack of really good and interesting vocals in EDM and underground dance music so it has to be the right project. So, it really has to lend itself to what I am doing currently, otherwise I will not compromise and go off to do something that just doesn’t make sense.

C-In today’s music industry, social media and other outlets like sound cloud are so influential to every artist, what isthe most powerful outlet for you to get your music to your fans?


V- Soundcloud and Mixcloud are both very powerful platforms. You HAVE to do it, and for someone like myself who has been in the game for 30 years, I had to rap my head around getting on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud. But it is such a crucial part of what we do now. It’s a way to reach your fans and audience, and people like that contact. I am defiantly all about the people and I wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them and I never forget that. I’m super grateful for the career I have had and the fans that I have.


C- Love This City TV loves to meet the personal side of all the artists we interview and find

out a few things we may have not known about you…


Hottest new artist? Sam Paganini 

Favourite Victor Calderone track? Give it Up.

Favourite track right now? Roman Lindau- Rings of Smoke.

Favourite producer of the moment? Roman Lindau.

Favourite place to party? Ibizia.

Favourite place to relax? Home with my family in Brooklyn

Favourite type of food? Moroccan.

Favourite car? Lamborgini! My son would not have it any other way!

If you could go on vacation right now where would it be? Africa.

What’s one thing about Victor Calderone we didn’t know? I’m super shy!


We are always grateful to have the presence of the multi-talented master of musical evolution, Victor Calderone in Toronto. His profound commitment to his craft and fierce devotion to his fans leaves us waiting in anticipation for what is yet to come from him and all the new creations with his Waveform Label. Make sure to check out Victor Calderone at Digital Dreams this summer and until then let him continue to inspire your mind with his music like he always done with such success.

Interview and article by: Christina Schmidt