Having a healthy body and a healthy mind are the things that matter the most. We work hard every day, trying so hard to reach our dreams but we forget to take care of our body which will lead to an unhealthy avenue later in life. Then all of your hard-earned money will go to hospital expenses which is hard to accept. Before you go to the battlefield of your busy work life, read this article first so that you will know how to stay healthy despite our busy schedule day to day.




Always strive to have a minimum amount of unhealthy fats

Chips are really a great companion when watching a movie but it also contains high amount of unhealthy fat like LDL. Elevated LDL is directly related to increased risk for having a heart attack. Why not try a fresh cucumber salad or a healthy baked banana chips which contains low amounts of fat.




Assorted Junk Food

Consume healthy fats in moderate amounts

Fat is not bad at all. It is needed by our body especially essential fats like omega-3 which is good for our heart. Consuming a moderate amount of these fats will raise the HDL (good fat) levels and decrease LDL levels which mean less risk for having a heart disease.





Read a book

A 60-minute of your favorite novel would greatly help our mind to relax. Experts say that reading a book reduces sad feelings by up to 60%.





A pet will help

Research from the Michigan State reveals that a dog can help us to be motivated to do exercise. Most dog owners also do morning jog.





Water, water, water

At least 8 glasses would revitalize your body. Our body is made up of 90% water so it just makes sense drink up and get that water in your body daily. stay away from pop trust us :)