At Woodbridge Heroes Fest, Love This City had the pleasure of interviewing the most dangerous man in the world—Ken Shamrock. Known as the godfather of mixed martial arts (MMA), Shamrock is a worldwide recognized MMA fighter and is an inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Along with fighting in the UFC, Shamrock also wrestled in the WWF and was the first ever Pancrase Heavyweight World Champion in Japan. In addition to fighting, he is the founder of the Lion’s Den, a renowned fighting school where some of the world’s best fighters have trained.

Outside of fighting, Shamrock is a businessman who is involved in various ventures and looking for the next opportunity. Shamrock is an international speaker for venues spanning from TED Talks to ministry functions. Shamrock is also the founding father of Lion’s Den Ministries, a non-for profit that serves as a mouthpiece to troubled youth and young adults. Furthermore, Shamrock has written two books, Inside the Lion’s Den and Beyond the Lion’s Den, and has appeared in several films.