None of us are getting any younger—it’s life. Lucky for you, this is the 21st century and Toronto has got some of the best anti-aging clinics in the country. Located in Kings Way at 3009 Bloor St. is Lasting Looks, a pioneer in the industry of anti-aging services that has been in the business for 15 years.

The clinic was the first of its type, since everything over a decade ago was done in doctor’s offices, behind closed doors. Director of Lasting Looks, Janice Regan said, “Back then I thought, this is going to be so mainstream,” and she was not wrong about that. Now, walking down to your local beauty clinic to fill in some wrinkles is as common as getting your nails done.

Lasting looks, with its prestige, takes clients from walk-ins, to women of all ages…and even their husbands! Regan originally worked in the medical field and did scar work for children, camouflaging scars from trauma. As a scar specialist, Regan said, “it’s not all about the vanity.” Regan helps heal the exterior of those who have been in traumatic experiences and deals with a number of tattoo removals as well.

Although Lasting Looks is popular for its injectibles, such as botox, fillers, as well as facial peels and laser, the clinic is paving the future once again. The clinic is one of the first to introduce ultheraphy—an ultrasound facelift that uses muscle tightening to give a more youthful appearance.

“Muscle has memory, so when energy hits the muscle, it retracts to a more youthful position.” This exciting new procedure is completely safe and 100% non-invasive. As ultrasound is capable of penetrating deep into the muscle, only one treatment is necessary, as opposed to skin tightening where multiple are needed.

“No matter how much you tighten skin, you may have fewer fine lines, but you won’t have a lifted face because skin is attached to muscle. Ultheraphy targets the muscle, it’s pretty awesome.”

“I’ve seen umpteen technologies in the business and nothing has impressed me as much as this one…I think it’s the way of the future because skin tightening is a dime a dozen that you have to maintain. This is one-type treatment.”

At Lasting Looks, whatever the procedure, patients are made to feel comfortable and confident in their decisions. Offering both surgical and non-surgical procedures, clients are first given a consultation where the process of what they want is explained. The patient is never pressured into anything—in fact, they are often advised against certain procedures simply because they may not need it.

Getting work done at Lasting Looks is easy, with some treatments having you in and out the door in less than 15 minutes. Not only does Lasting Looks provide beautification services, but they also offer their own line of skincare that has been carefully developed for its patients. Only essential properties are used in the products to ensure the purity of the creams and lotions you’re applying. From temporary instant facelifts and cellulite cream to topical acne treatments, Lasting Looks has got you covered!

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