If Michael (Mike) could stop time, he would – if for no other reason than to get rid of the mundane tasks and focus on the “lighter at heart” and fun things – including growing So Soxy.img01

No, that’s not a typo – step aside 3 Musketeers, the 3 Engineers are here to challenge you (and everyone) to discover your soxuality. All three Chief Soxy Officers (CSOs); Mike, Lloyd and Ayokanmi, have degrees in either Mechanical or Computer Engineering, so being in the sock business is the true definition of operating outside of the box.

Like the three musketeers, it’s “All for one and one for all,” – socks that is. Read on, it’s a Soxy story.

Black. White. Purple. The colours that represent elegance, panache and royalty. That’s where the story begins and it certainly does not end there. Filled with even more colour and personality, the So Soxy Empire hopes to change how you view socks forever. Attending to a highly underserved market in Canada, this sock subscription service provides socks that are sophisticated, yet fun and cool; plus they are of the finest quality.


So, what is the So Soxy model? You subscribe, you wait and every month, you smile. Think of how refreshing it would be to have something exciting to look forward to in the mail – EVERY month! You can finally turn that “bill-induced-frown” upside down.

What makes this whole operation gel are the three masters each taking turns at the wheel. Mike (Chief Executive Officer), with his managerial prowess; Lloyd (Chief Technical Officer), the man behind the enticing website and the #humpdayhumour (don’t be left out, go on, have a laugh) and Ayokanmi (Chief Digital Officer), master at all things analytics. With an eye for design, they came together to embrace their artistic side.


With each unique pair of socks, comes an inspiring, funny or rousing message attached. November is even more special. Not only is it the first month that the socks get names, but the design and the message are right in line with what’s on (or should be) every man’s upper lip. Any guesses? Our Soxy Officers introduced Moustachio in recognition of Movember.

Soxy socks also make great gifts; and if you think about it, you’d be giving or receiving a gift each month and have socks for any occasion, from a wedding to the club! Your peeps will love you!

But when it’s all said and done, what makes these socks truly special is that they are designed in Toronto, made in Canada, with Canadian textiles. Proudly Canadian. True North Strong.

First song that comes to Mike’s head when he thinks of So Soxy? John Legend’s “The best I ever had.” Again, socks.

Put your best forward, it’s time to get So Soxy.