Love This City TV: Hello Emma, what have you been up to?

Emma Hewitt: Hi!! Thanks for speaking with me :) I have been touring a lot over the past few months. I just returned from a trip that took me to Poland, Malaysia, Australia, Argentina and then back to San Fran, Portland and Denver in the U.S. I am finally back at my apartment in L.A. after living out of a suitcase for a while, so I am really enjoying a couple of days of downtime right now.


Love This City TV: If it wasn’t for singing – what career path would you have taken?

Emma Hewitt: I always was and still am quite interested in psychology, I read a lot of books on this subject and find it extremely fascinating, so perhaps I would have gone into this field. When I was younger I was studying classical piano for some years, and for a while there I was contemplating going to the conservatorium of music in Melbourne to become a concert pianist. I was always aware, however, that singing was my passion and this is really all I ever wanted to do with all my heart, for as long as I can remember really.


Love This City TV: Before going on stage, is there anything you do to clear your mind or ease the stage butterflies?

Emma Hewitt: I usually like to do a few vocal warm up exercises and have an hour or so to spend in the venue before I go on, just so I can see and feel the energy of the crowd and get myself into the right headspace. I don’t really get nervous so much anymore, as long as there are no problems with the sound. I am usually just excited to get out there.

Love This City TV: Top 3 tracks at the moment?

Emma Hewitt:

1. The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
2. Placebo – Exit Wounds
3. Sky Ferreira – Everything is Embarrassing
I also have Imagine Dragons ‘Radioactive’ stuck in my head on repeat at the moment…


Love This City TV: You were in Toronto this past August with Cosmic Gate for “Wake Your Mind” at The Guvernment – how would describe the crowd here in Toronto compared to other major cities in the world?

Emma Hewitt: I had heard great things about the Toronto crowds before visiting, and the crowd at The Guvernment certainly lived up to their reputation!! The energy there was so energetic and absolutely up for it!! Really great vibe in the room!! I think in general Canadian crowds seem to be pretty crazy and up for a good time!!


Love This City TV: 2013 had a crazy summer for the music scene – what are some moments or experiences that really stand out when you think about summer 2013?

Emma Hewitt: This has been a huge summer all over for EDM. The shows seem to be increasing and the number of people getting into the scene is growing all the time. For me the summer festivals and shows have been an absolute blast this year, starting with the end of Australian summer in March with Future Music FestivalThe Global Gathering Festival in Ukraine was awesome, so was last week’s Argentinian event with Paul van Dyk. I was lucky enough to go back to Ibiza to perform, and to tour Asia a lot as well as a lot of American shows. Hopefully the rest of the year is just as great of an experience!


Love This City TV: What are some hobbies you enjoy doing on your down time?

Emma Hewitt: I love reading, I read a lot of novels, I also read a lot on metaphysical subjects and how the mind works. When I get time I am really interested in health and working out, however touring and lack of sleep sometimes (often) interfere with my good intentions of staying healthy. I am really an outdoors person, so whenever I can I love to get out and go hiking or go to the beach. Catching up with my friends and family and just eating and drinking good wine is my favorite pastime though.

Love This City TV: What is the best piece of advice given to you that you would like share with your fans?

Emma Hewitt: Only do what you believe in whole heartedly, if you don’t believe in what you do then how can anyone else?


Love This City TV: Are there any collaboration in the works?

Emma Hewitt: There are quite a few new collaborations in the works at the moment. I decided to take some time out for a while from releasing songs after the album last year. I never want to be over releasing, I wanted to make sure each song gets the space it deserves. I think it has been long enough now though, so I am in the writing process and ready to release a new batch of songs that are coming out. I am not entirely certain of the collaborators until the songs are complete, but I will keep you posted.

Love This City TV: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Emma Hewitt: Hopefully still making music that I enjoy, and playing shows to people who hopefully want to hear that music!! This isn’t a career… it is a lifestyle choice and I never want to stop this until I have to for some reason.

Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with me! Emma :)


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