Integrity is a must

I realize that we are living in a society that has changed.  I am not an old man who lives in the 50’s, but I am someone with an old soul who believes that someone’s word should mean something.


With a society where everything has a contract or stipulations, and people will manipulate, take advantage of, and milk whomever they can to get ahead in the game, it makes me wonder what happened to integrity.



A lot of the problem comes from the fact that society has become way to politically correct.  People are afraid to speak their minds or call things as they are for fear of the repercussions that could follow.  It is also the fact that people are becoming more self centered and greedy.  People would rather use someone to get ahead rather than work with someone to simultaneously achieve a mutual goal. This holds true in schools, civilization, the workforce, or anywhere else where being nice or showing equality could be found.  Some jobs will offer a person a contract but will have clauses that prohibit the employee from making any true gains, or can give the employer just cause to terminate at any point in time for spurious accusations.  Other places will expect people to work without a contract under the promise of a paycheck and will use that employee until they are finished with a specific project or the employee gets wise to the situation and leaves.


What happened to a society when a handshake meant something?  When did the world change when giving someone your word was enough to make a contract between two people?  Sadly, this has been happening for quite some time and I fear that it will only get worse.  As the world becomes more competitive and people feel the need to prove themselves over others, this lack of integrity will only get worse.  Why not try something new?  Say you are going to do something for someone and actually follow through.  I’m not talking about helping a friend move or something that simple.  Make a promise to a peer within society and actually do it.  Shake someone’s hand to seal a deal.  See how good you feel when the task if complete and the person then reciprocates.  Let’s see if we can bring back a society when someone’s word means something again.  After all, if your word doesn’t mean anything, then these four hundred words mean nothing too!


By: Michael Chantler
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