With their undeniable talent, charming nonchalant attitude and of course, the deep devotion to their fans, Arctic Monkeys have become one of the U.K.’s hottest bands of the 21st century. Their trendy indie rock meets upbeat neo-punk sound has skyrocketed them to success, with chart topping hits all around the world.

The band officially started in 2002 when frontman Alex Turner and lead guitarist Jamie Cook started playing local gigs around their home town of Sheffield. Starting out during the emergence of viral sharing gave Arctic Monkeys a unique advantage for distributing their music and for gaining fame.

Changing the way that musicians today share their music, the band began posting their homemade music on the internet and were able to quickly gain a sizable fan base. This unheard of attention didn’t go unnoticed by record labels and Arctic Monkeys were signed by Domino in 2005. Since then, the band has produced 6 studio albums, numerous EPs and have been name one of the top five bands from the U.K. of all time.

The perfect combination of their often danceable tunes, paired with the relatable and bold lyrics, have driven them to ruling the world of alternative and indie rock music.

Like any great band, Arctic Monkeys music did not come about without the influence of other talented musicians. The band’s music is often compared to that of Franz Ferdinand (also signed by Domino), the Strokes, and the band periodically makes reference to Duran Duran songs in their lyrics. The band is currently on their successful International tour, White Denim.

Don’t miss your chance to see Arctic Monkeys, rocking the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto on June 21st.

Written by: Amy McConaghy