The bedroom is indeed is that sexy place or that sexiest part to get it on baby.  This is a favorite spot of two lovers and even for those who are married for years. So if you are into some “love-making “ tonight, you might want to spice up things by wearing an outfit that would make things hotter, something that blows his head (and his other head) tonight. Here are the outfits that would surely bring more heat tonight in the bed room or the kitchen floor.



A jersey with nothing underneath

Now that is sexy. A sexy blonde chick wearing loose jersey with no bra is an exciting site for a guy. It will make him want to be all over you with just one look.





A tank top and boxers

Sometimes being too sexy in the expense of losing your comfort may not be good. Trying too hard will turn him off,  especially if he sees that you aren’t comfortable. Nothing feels better than to wear a tank top and boxers. It is an effortless sexiness.





A long T-shirt

Yes, a simple long T-shirt with, again, no underwear is another sexy look in the bedroom. Aside from the comfort it brings at night it provides easy access for your guy.





Silky nighties

Nothing beats the classic! Laces and silks will entice your guy as those thin cloth wraps your sexy body. Your guy would not want to wait anymore after seeing you in that. Plus you’ll love the feeling of it letting your body live free and it just touching you body slightly.





And nothing to wear

Yes, absolutely a guy’s favorite. Surely, 10 out of 10 guys in a survey would say that they would like to sleep with a sexy woman with nothing on. It shows that you are very comfortable and confident with yourself. Plus makes it easier for the next move hint hint.