Groove [groov] noun – Slang. an enjoyable time or experience. (a) to appreciate and enjoy. (b) to please immensely.

This is exactly what Groove Cruise in Miami offers – an experience that provides immense pleasure to everyone aboard – an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Come about the world’s largest floating dance music festival and be among the 2300 sexy** people for 72 hours of non-stop euphoric dance music with 40+ artists.

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Groove Cruise’s mission is “To create the largest and most exciting, unforgettable weekend experiences on Earth.” With 9 parties aboard as well as a private island this is one experience you are sure to relive in your dreams till the next time you step onto the deck. The ship is geared towards people who live by the mantra “Work Hard and Play Harder” – with eye candy left right and centre for every guy and girl aboard! What started as a group of 125 friends going on a cruise in 2004 has become the world’s largest fully charted dance music cruise experience and has been features on the NY Times, CNN, Travel Agent Magazine, DJ Times, CNN, FOX, Sirius|XM Radio, Clearchannel, Miami Herald, Toronto Star, MTV among many more..

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People come from all around the world for the euphonious music and to escape reality and be part of an event that can only be the outcome of people’s fantasies and exotic imaginations. Lasting 3 days – you never know what each sunset and each sunrise will bring – be ready to wake up each day in a new exotic place and have your senses teased and pleased in ways you cannot imagine.


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By: Gosia Mrugala
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