The future’s looking bright; I’m just being honest. The famous Future is reaching our very own Toronto for a smash concert this July 11th. Touching down at the Sound Academy, Future is set to deliver a true rock star experience, with his untouchable fashion sense and endless stream of hits. Future is famous for an almost uncountable numbers of chart topping tracks, with dozens of features among other big names in the hip-hop industry, such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Lil’ Wayne and Mike Will Made It.

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This tour was preceded by the release of his second studio album, Honest, which debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart when it was released in late April. ‘Move That Dope’, ‘I Won’, ‘Shit’, ‘Covered in Money’, and ‘Honest’, are all tracks you’ve probably heard blasted before shows, or thumping out of car speakers, with Future being the main brain behind them all.  His staccato raps come bursting with powerful energy, whilst his auto-tuned ‘sing-song’ voice emits a raw emotion, which glazes the aggressive production of his songs in a loving contrast.

Future shows have developed folklore of their own, with big names seemingly showing up out of the blue to join him on stage. One of these occasions earlier in the year in New York City saw him joined by Meek Mill, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky, YG, and Trey Songz. Incredibly, it seems that Future is the joining force between the numerous stars, who it seem want to all be standing alongside the man of the hour.

With fingers crossed Future might bring out Toronto’s few hip-hop stars, but if we’re being ‘Honest’, isn’t Future all we really need? Don’t miss your chance to see the modern day rock star at the Sound Academy this July 11th! Check out more information about the venue and Future on his website, and get your tickets here!