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electricisland2.toronto.lovethiscitytv(Electric Island Summer Finale – Photo Cred: Adele Desloges)

Despite the rain before the event; which delayed us for a brief moment, the sun came out and we were off to catch the ferry. The ferry cost for the event was included within the ticket price for the event, making it a quick and easy trip across to one of the best parties of the summer. Once the ferry pulls in to dock at the island I disembarked and followed the crowd along a path to the left. Admiring the view across the lake as I walked, I noticed the music getting louder. We came upon a quaint little bridge and when I reached the peak I could see the entrance to the event where people were lined up. Getting into Electric Island went smooth, I found it to be very well organized and the security check was thorough.

It was around 4:30 pm and there were already hundreds of party goers lined up waiting to embrace the fresh air and energy. The atmosphere was calm and freeing. Some people threw down blankets to chill out while listening to the beats, while others danced and mingled amongst each other. Girls were dressed in bathing suits or casual shorts, while others were quite “flower power” styled.

electricisland. Chaim.lovethiscitytv(Chaim at Electric Island Summer Finale – Photo Cred: Adele Desloges)

Chaim was spinning when I arrived, delivering smooth and perfect sounds. Tracks like ‘Surrounded’ by Kai Alicè got the crowd feeling the vibes and moving to the beat.

electricisland1.toronto.lovethiscitytv(Electric Island Summer Finale – Photo Cred: Adele Desloges)

Many of the girls had colorful and glittery body art, which was available at the event for the reasonable cost of 10$ and up depending on what you wanted them to create. I found the art table, which was just off to the right side of the stage. They creating some exquisite designs which people were proudly showing off; there was a line-up of eager canvases. What a fun and unique way of expressing not only a love for the music but also adding to its soulful passion.

electricisland. JoyOrbison.lovethiscitytv(Joy Orbison at Electric Island Summer Finale – Photo Cred: Adele Desloges)

Joy Orbison; a UK based producer who started showing his passion for Jungle and UK garage at a young age, has grown into a style of his own. We heard a variety of genres, including a sexy mix of house. Joy was dropping some massive bangers in his set and even played his own tracks ‘Mercy‘ and ‘Swims’ a collaboration with Boddika. I couldn’t resist the urge to let go of my inhibitions and dance.

I built up a thirst and headed to the line up for alcohol and water. I took note of the food service area serving hamburgers, fries and more (but no hot dogs much to our hostess Missy Love’s disappointment) in case I became hungry. At this point the sun set, as hundreds of music lovers continued to join the festivities, the crowd suddenly let loose and let the beats take control.

electricisland.TaleOfUs.lovethiscitytv(Tale Of Us at Electric Island Summer Finale – Photo Cred: Adele Desloges)

Next on the decks was Tale of Us, who are currently Berlin-based but were born in Toronto and NYC. The crowd went insane for these guys! Behind them on the stage there was a live twitter feed collecting tweets including #ElectricIsTO like this one from @Jazzhmorrison “May @TaleOfUs take you away and further! sending my love to all of you from Egypt, GO CRAZY!!!! #ElectricIsTO you never disappoint.”

Finally, it was time for Joel Mull; a Swedish-known DJ/Producer, to take over the decks. This is what everyone was waiting for. Joel smashed out some hypnotizing and beautiful synths with a mix of crazy bass lines. During his set he played this absolutely incredible track that had some stunning piano in it and @Strafe85 tweeted asking what it was. @JoelMull replied “a remix I made for a Toronto artist @NoahPred U gotta pay respect to the city’s heroes!” I cannot wait for this beauty to be released, but there is no word on when it is coming out – yet! Be sure to keep your ears open for it.

While the last tracks were playing, and the summer finale of Electric Island was coming to an end, you could totally feel the love in the crowd. With the Toronto skyline and waterfront in the background, and beautiful electronic beats in the air, I couldn’t think of a better way to end the last long weekend of summer. Epic!

Special Thanks to PlatformEmbrace and Footwork for such an incredible event. If you missed this one, be sure not to miss Electric Island next summer 2014!

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by: Candise Gleason