Electronic dance music spread like a wildfire in the music industry, and it’s safe to say that it’s now the most mainstream genre with tons of sold-out festivals worldwide. DJs usually produce their own music or remix billboard hits. All that is changing now. EDM is slowly taking over the music industry, seeping into rap, hip-hop, and rock. It’s not just one DJ remixing a mainstream song anymore; DJs are collaborating with artists themselves to create chart-topping hits. P. Diddy has an EDM album dropping soon, titled 11:11, with Israeli techno artist, Guy Gerber.

In the world of rock music, Linkin Park has collaborated with the legendary Steve Aoki to create A Light That Never Comes.

Coldplay recent released A Sky Full of Stars, produced by Avicii.

Electronic dance music is even taking over the world of sci-fi! Frontload, a newer name in the industry, has released Dr. Who exclusively for Ultra Music. Doctor Who is a British sci-fi show that has been on the air since 1963, and Frontload has remixed the iconic theme song. Is this exactly what the industry needs to bring EDM to a new audience?

With the hysteria of EDM, will all the other genres of music slowly fade out?