If you want to bear witness to one of the greatest views in Toronto, you are definitely going to want to check out the CN Tower. The deal is you will have to stay on the edge because that is what an edge walk is all about. It will be like sightseeing around the city, except you will be 116 stories high and seeing everything from one major standpoint.

You will be walking along the edge of the roof above the CN Tower’s restaurant with 168 feet between you and the ground. It could be described as an extreme sport if you think about it that way. Many who have had the pleasure to get up there and experience this feat has come back with wonderful reviews regarding the ordeal.

CNTowerEdgeWalk-3_lovethiscitytvThe CN Tower has always been a tourist attraction, and now with the added bonus of this edge walk activity, more tourists and locals will want to visit the area. Be ready to experience Toronto like you have never before. View the city from an impressive height, take part in an adventurous task of edge walking, which also means that you will be a part of an elite club of edge walkers, and take home memorabilia from that day to remind yourself of that day.

The edge walk is of course very safe, and you will be guided through the whole thing by professionals to make sure that you do not miss a step. Since it is high up, the weather is considerably colder so that is something to prepare for. At first, when you finally make it up there, of course it is going to be a bit daunting, especially if you have never done this before. But as soon as you begin to partake in the edge walking experience, you will easily get a hang of things and gradually begin to enjoy the experience.

Even if you have a fear of heights, you should try this out with your friends and the kind of company that you feel secure with because the experience is well worth getting over your fears for. You can even take pictures and show it off to your family and friends when you get down. The entire experience will last for about 1 and a half hour. The process of getting ready, the actual walk, and collecting your memorabilia for keepsake is segregated into half hour segments within that hour and a half, ergo one and a half hour. So that is an hour and a half of your life dedicated to facing your fears and enjoying yourself as you do so.


The whole experience costs 175 $ which includes photos and videos, along with a re-entry to the tower, and a certificate of achievement. Ticket sales are seasonal, so you should book early when they are available. Take your friends or your family to live this experience with you. You should not miss out on this especially when you have the chance to do it!

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