This past Saturday, Dungus Records talent donned the stage at Free Times Café for the 2014 Indie Week Showcase. The set list included Kelsi Jean, Dave Silani and the anticipated headlining band, Little Boxer. For $10 at the door, audience members enjoyed a night of indie music sprinkled with some country flare.


Kelsi Jean and guitarist started the night off the country tunes. Jean’s vibrant personality glowed as she stood with microphone in hand and impressed the crowd with her sweet, but powerful vocals.


Dave Silani, one-man-band, rocked out on his electric guitar with quick beats and unequivocal energy. Despite a few technical mishaps, Silani powered on and showed the audience his undeniable co-ordination skills as he sang, drummed and strummed guitar all at once.


Finally, Little Boxer, a three-piece folk-rock band, headed by singer Zachary Henderson, played the final set of the night. Drummer Dave Silani and bassist Juan Udarbe stood behind Henderson as he belted out the lyrics to their folk-influenced originals. Despite their mellow sound, Little Boxer boasted a lively performance and had the audience standing up and stomping their feet by the last song.

Little Boxer will be playing their next show, tomorrow, Wednesday 22, at the Horseshoe Tavern alongside Black Lady Soul. To keep up to date with show dates, like Little Boxer’s Facebook page and Dungus Records’ Facebook page.