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DJ Michael Caflan is a young French artist discovered back in 2008 by Bob Sinclar. He has since produced several remixes, some of which are available for audio preview on his Myspace page. Michael Caflan is an electronic house DJ, and known to be one of the best out there. He is known to create exhilarating remixes through already existing music tracks. What remixes essentially are is a spinoff of a preexisting piece of work, and being able to make it your own without losing the foundation of the song all together.



It takes great skill to do so and Michael Caflan is known to be able to produce such great remixed tracks. “Momentum” is a track that he is known for. It is a remix of songs by Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and REGI, all meshed into this solid track designed to get your heart racing at the very drop of the beat. “Resurrection” is one of his older tracks from last year. It spread through the scene like wildfire, catching audiences’ hearts with its rhythmic attempts to keep everyone awake. People who go to clubs will easily be able to recognize his work since this is the circuit where his tracks resonate.

His music is filled with a lot of bass, and then there is a space in between of calm harmony, while still maintaining that residual vibe from the heavy bass. Michael Caflan knows music, knows how to dissect it and bring it all back together again as a new track from the old ones. You do not have to appreciate house music to be able to admire his efforts when he produces tracks. Everything he puts out is well crafted from his mind, directly translated into remixes meant for anyone who cares to listen.Michael_lovethiscitytv

Michael Caflan is in the ranks along with other DJ musicians well known internationally. He deserves as much recognition and praise, and has been gaining just that.

If you are a fan of remixes and the artistic value it provides, then you should give Michael Caflan a listen. There is so much about his music that just demands attention, and a second glance. This is why people talk about him and his craft and spread his name around as recommendations to friends of friends. It is because Michael Caflan is a name worth knowing when it comes to the house and electronic genre. The dimension that he offers with different uses for each element of a track is outstanding, even in the way that he arranges them back together. His awareness of tone is a clear indication in many of his works. And he does not fail to keep people out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

You can listen to his songs online. He has music on his Myspace, although they are merely thirty second previews. Full versions of his songs can be found on Soundcloud. There are also many posts of his songs on other music sites. Be sure to check them out!

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