Crème Brasserie

Crème – it means cream and rightfully so, because no matter what you order from the menu, it’s guaranteed to be rich and will melt away in your mouth. Tucked away in Cumberland Terrace (Yorkville), the tranquil French restaurant is a food haven with a romantic (yet inclusive) look and feel to it. Be it a date, family night or just sharing a meal and drinks with friends; everyone is welcome. The menu may seem incomplete, but that’s because every item is carefully selected and prepared to perfection by the chef. Wait staff are not only welcoming and funny (as in haha); they really know how to open those drool taps before you even decide on a dish; each one comes with its own story. Everything you consider is described with such majestic detail that you’ll wish you were Queen Latifah in Last Holiday (as Georgia Byrd) at the deluxe Grand Hotel Pupp with Chef Didier (Gérard Depardieu) personally serving you every item on the menu. The wine selection is complementary, of course, with vintage choices ranging from Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa. The ambience is so serene that you forget about the 25 minute wait for your food because “it needs to rest a while before it is served.” It tastes better that way. Friends; that is no lie. It’s so delicately displayed you almost don’t want to ruin the picture, but you must, the aroma beckons your taste buds. There is silence as everyone takes their first bite. “Mmmmm.” Satisfied murmurs all around the table. Clearly what everyone is having (in this case the lamb with a red currant glaze and cast iron salmon) lives up to the food fairy tale that the server recited to us in the beginning. The dessert choices are just as mouth-watering as the entrées. Think molten chocolate cake, crème brûlée and chocolate crêpes. This time, everyone orders a different one, so that everyone can taste each other’s sweet treats. Once more the “mmmmmm” resounds around the table. In a word? Delightful. With an owner who treats you like a part of the family (rare for an upscale restaurant) it’s no wonder that TIFF chose to have one their biggest parties of the festival here on September 6th. For a cheerful belly, take a trip down to Cumberland lane.