stereomotreal2Carlo Lio has been a leader in the Canadian electronic music scene since the prime days of Toronto nightlife over 10 years ago. A lot of us have been lucky enough to be able to watch him grow on his journey from being one of the top local DJ’s, into now what is one of the most recognized names in the global scene. He has rocked the decks with some of the most iconic names in the industry like Dubfire and Victor Calderone, and has played just about anywhere you can think of. He had an amazing summer in
carlo-lio-featured-image Ibiza with a residency at BOOOM and playing Marco Carola’s Music On party and who could forget one most talked about closing parties at ADE in Amsterdam playing alongside none other than one of his biggest supporters- Dubfire. His sound has taken over the world and we were lucky enough to have him make a few stops in his homeland just to refresh our ears with that perfected stripped down, oh so sexy sound of beautiful techno that not many can play quite like Carlo.His first stop in Canada was this past weekend at none other than Stereo Montreal. Stereo is a legendary nightclub in Canada and is safe to say one of the top 10 venues in the world. Some of the biggest names in electronic music have named Stereo as one of their favourite places to play and is usually a guaranteed stop on pretty much everyone’s world tour. So when we heard Carlo Lio was making a return to Stereo we had to make the trip to witness it first hand. To no surprise Carlo kept every single person in Stereo on their feet beginning to end of what was to be a 4 hour set, which luckily for us lasted a lot longer than that! Carlo came full force with a solid collection of sounds that everyone was so eager to hear, especially from one of the leaders of the Stereo decks. Everything from his signature groovy tech-house, to gracing us with those hypnotizing futuristic vocals that captivated everyone’s mind while perfectly syncing their bodies to those raw infectious basslines that were guaranteed with a set from Carlo Lio. Wall to wall everyoe inside of Stereo was dancing until the last track he played, and even then everyone wanted more!


Carlo made his way to Edmonton this past Monday for a show at Union Hall, and will be hitting the decks in Vancouver November 22nd at The Compound, and lucky for us and all his devoted Toronto fans he will be returning to one of his second homes Union Nightclub December 31st, which will definitely be one of the hottest NYE parties in the city. If you have yet to hear Carlo live, or you have been an avid follower of his and refuse to miss one of his sets, we definitely encourage you to finish off your year with a show from one of our favourite Canadian DJ’s…Carlo Lio.

Stereo Motreal

Review By: Christina Schmidt






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