CABAL/ Some of Toronto’s favourite DJ’s are going B2B for Halloween

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With so many amazing events happening in Toronto for Halloween, it makes the decision of where to go all the more difficult than our typical Friday night. Well, if you want to take part in the festivities yet want to enjoy a mature and down to earth vibe with proper music being the focus, Cabal is definitely a good choice.

Cabal has been a favourite King West venue since its opening back in March 2012 and for many reasons. You can enjoy some the cities best food and dining while being inspired by some of the amazing art lining the walls by Toronto artist Natasha Kudashkina and best of all Cabal hosts some of the most talked about resident sessions in the city. Cabal continually brings in solid Toronto talent to energize the crowd with sounds ranging from deep house, tech house, progressive and techno. Cabal just upgraded their sound system and we can let you know first hand it sounds fantastic. The crowd is always chilled out but very in tune with the music and always holds enough energy to keep the DJ’s playing long after most of the cities lights are out.

Cabal Halloween Poster

We can looking forward to hearing the sounds of Alberto Jossue who has played just about everywhere in the city and with everyone from James Zabiela, Mark Fanciulli, Carlio Lio, Victor Calderone and the list goes on and on. Playing alongside Alberto will be Cabal resident Jad Ad whose name is well known in the city and has played with a list of big names like Estroe, Jimmy Van M, Hernan Cattaneo, and Joel Mull just to name a few. We have heard amazing sets from the two in the past and we can expect Alberto and Jad to give us some b2b action later in the night once they settle into a nice late night groove. Another name to look forward to hearing is Al Eks who we have been hearing more and more of. He is involved with Tech Trip events and podcasts and is definitely an up and comer we can expect to hear more of.


We can promise you a beautiful venue filled with some great music and a crowd with an even more amazing energy and passion for the music that will keep the DJ’s playing lateJ Cover is free before 11 and only $10 after but Love This City TV is having a contest for 2 free passes and all you have to do like our post for the event on our Facebook page! Love This City TV will definitely be there so join us for what will be one the best Halloween events in the city. See you there!



Check out some of the sounds that you will hear at Cabal: