1. Google – Topping off our charts is the American Cyberspace company that has a revenue of $37,905 million USD as of 2011.  Their headquarters is located din Mountain View, CA. Google has been an icon of web search (when you say Google it, it means searching the net). What’s so great working with Google is that they really give value on their employees’ wellness. This year, they just opened 3 new wellness center and a seven-acre sport zone, which has sports like basketball, badminton, hockey and more.




2. SAS – No, not the British military force but a data analytics company that is located in Cary, NC. Employees of SAS say that the company is perk friendly. The company is also very creative for the recreation of their employees. They just opened a new organic farm in SAS’s four cafeterias. The company had a revenue of $2,725 million USD.





3. CHG Healthcare Services – Headquarters of this company is in Salt Lake City, UT. This $620 million USD (as of 2011) earner company had fun activities and competition for their employees including Dress As Your Favourite President competition and trivia contests. Extra pay is also given to the sales team who meet their goals or above their goals.




4_lovethiscitytv4. The Boston Consulting Group -This elite management consulting firm is unlike many other companies who exploit their employees by demanding them to work more. This company will issue a “red zone report” to those employees who are overworking for weeks. This place definitely hates workaholics. Their 2011 revenue was $3,550 USD.





5. Wegmans Food Markets – This grocery chain with main branch in Rochester, NY. It seems employees like to work here, in fact, they have a low turnover rate of 3.6%. One out of five employees are related also with someone working in the grocery chain.





6. NetApp – This data storage company is known to recognize the good deeds of their employees. Based on Sunnyvale, CA, the Vice Chairman Tom Mendoza asks managers to find 10-20 employees doing a good thing and he calls them to recognize and thanked that employee. Sometimes the feeling of recognized by your superior is far more satisfying than receiving money. The 2011 revenue of the company is $6,233 million USD.






7. Hilcorp Energy Company – The oil and gas producer in Houston, TX motivated their employees with a reward of $100,000 check to every employee if the company can double production rate and reserve by 2015. However, the company gave the money earlier. They gave each of the 400 employees with $50,000 dollars.






8. Edward Jones – This security firm maintains 11,000 other small offices and they held regular competitions for employees like ice skating tournament and a fishing tournament. Almost 44% of the new employees come from referrals. The main headquarters is at St. Louis, MO. The company had a 2011 revenue of $4,577 million USD.




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