benihana logoJust moments after your server jots down your order, your personal chef makes an appearance at your table to begin his or her highly anticipated performance. As the sound of oil begins to crackle coupled with the clatter of airborne knives and forks juggling and chopping, your table instantly becomes ablaze and your heart melts over the sweet aroma of authentic Japanese Hibachi steak and grilled mushrooms as they are being cooked right before your desiring eyes. Before you know it, your eyes as well as your longing stomach are consuming every ounce of your just-cooked meal.

No matter what the occasion, Benihana Japanese Steakhouse is full of tradition, entertainment and surprise. Far from your average Japanese restaurant, Benihana marries art and food boasting its highly skilled chefs, its famous hibachi-style cooking and the restaurant’s signature brewed sake, Izumu, which is a locally-brewed high-quality sake only available at Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York hotel.

The legend behind this 49-year-old franchise is founder, Rocky H. Aoki. With nearly 80 restaurants open across North America, Latin America and The Caribbean, this renowned Japanese culinary artist was never a stranger to his well-appropriated iconic status – Aoki’s restaurant was appraised positively by New York Times’ renowned restaurant critic, Clementine Paddleford and early on since the restaurant’s inception, the establishment became a popular hangout for public figures like Mohammad Ali and Sean Connery.

Start a new tradition of your own, via a traditional restaurant – Invite a friend to Benihana with a “Benigram,” here:

By: Melissa Teodoro


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